LOTRO Academy: 127 – The Burglar


LOTRO Academy: 127 - The Burglar

In our first ever class-focused episode, Branick, Teriadwyn, Draculetta, and Pineleaf are joined by guest hosts Ritelberry and the Tolkien Professor to talk about LOTRO’s sneakiest, most mischievous class: The Burglar. Thanks for listening!

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  1. Barnabras /

    Fantastic episode! I really like the round tables. Please please please will somebody do the Creep roundtables. The ones Through the Palantir did were really helpful, and I listened to most of them 4 or 5 times. I love burgerlars they taste sooooo good. I like it when they pop out of nowhere and say “hello”. I give them lots of hugs.

  2. Bellcaunion /

    Just so you know it’s a weapons smith that makes the repair anvil.

  3. Flosiin /

    Each class gets a few crafted consumable items. What do the Burglars have and are they any good?
    What crafted symbol do you tend to use? Red? Yellow?
    Are marbles, caltrops and stun dust still crafted items? Or are they skills now?
    I think you were all thinking of the Guardian’s skill to summon a tinker. Not sure if the still have this skill.

    • I think all crafted burglar weapons need a huge boost. In between long cool downs and really, really, really weak damage it’s not worth the investment (unless you need to grab something from 40m away!)

      Stun dust was turned into a trait in the QK spec with class revamps

      I use like morale for soloing and power signal for grouping!

  4. Just nabbed the Pineleaf Countdown app!

    You know Branick, it was so cool of you to make this app for the community. I love it! I just got done listening to LOTRO Players News Ep. 155, so I heard Andang mention that you got a month’s worth of Patreon cash. Well, as a Patron, I say that was funds well spent! 🙂

    I mean, really…everyone of you guys at the Players Alliance deserve a bunch of credit for how you contribute to the community. Keep up the great work!

  5. Flosiin /

    Totally agree with Jonathan- well done Branick!
    For this Burglar episode, great job everyone!! Lot of great info!
    Might be a good question for the other class discussions: What skirmish soldier does everyone use with their Burglar?
    What would be your favorite group make up for a 3-person group?

    Saw something interesting 2 weeks ago in a PUG Halls of Night featured instance. I was grouped with a Burglar. They must have been traited QK because the high damage. But what was crazy was they were running faster in stealth than the RK and I. I saw their morale drop about 1k so guessing they must have had a legacy that boosted their stealth run speed. By the time the RK ran from one wing to the middle, the Burglar was already in the other wing and started fighting the first group of mobs.

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