LOTRO Players News Episode 154: Like Buying a Hamster


This week we are joined by Gussymoose to talk about the Spring Festival and Elves.

Game News

Spring Festival 2016 Has Arrived!

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LOTRO Players News

Community Events: June 10th-16th

Coursera Online Games Course Begins June 13

Spirits of Gaderung Require Musicians for Book Sharing Event

LOTRO Academy: After School – Episode 5

Tales of the Free Folk Episode 18: Fire!

Small LOTRO Adventures – Ep 56: Brave Bingo!

The Family Line Part 95

Letters to my Brother Pt. 1

Critters Journey Part 27





  • Finally finished the Wildermore Epic
  • Found some hobbits



  • Crafting out the wazoo – completed Master Anorien Cook, Tailor and Metalsmith
  • Slow gearing on my guard… only a tank build
  • Got rich



  • Skirmished Irresponsibly – Underleveled, under manned and still brought the pain.
  • Did a little elven matchmaking in the Trollshaws with the Beardkissers
  • Took a new player through Skirmishes for the first time. Got schooled in a tier 3 Tuck until he “magically” summoned his Skirm soldier in the final battle.



  • New burglar on Brandywine: Stealtherina Nimbletoes. Shire deeding has gotten her to level 15 already.
  • Crickhollow!Teriadwyn has finally made it to Dol Amroth on the Sunday stream.
  • Led the Academy field trip through the first two Great Barrow instances to celebrate a kin member finally reaching level 20.



  • While playing on Brandywine I was contacted for an invitation to my Arkenstone kin.
  • On Arkenstone, played a burglar in the Field Trip Barrows run
  • Started a burglar on Brandywine.



  • I got lost in the maze for spring festival. For a long time.late at night. On stream. It was a riot .   Did my first time of spring festival quests, though i refuse to do the shrew stomping. Failed at the dance quest 3 times so far . I’m going to try to do the festival on 3 characters.
  • Slayer deed day on Wednesday ( a weekly event on my stream) . we did the slayer deeds for the shire, and Ered Luin. also did spiders in archet. Had a total available of TP in 2.5 hours of 205 TP.  this is a weekly event.


News Beyond LOTRO

Middle-earth Video Highlights: Taking the Hobbits to Isengard

Moot of the Week

Topic: What are the pros and cons of the race of Elves?


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  1. Pineleaf: “What are the cons of the elves?”
    Karvett: (in the most unenthusiastic voice ever): “They’re elves…
    Arathaert: “nough said”

    Karvett and Arathaert have just been awarded the Ereborian Medal of Honour for exemplary services provided to the Seven Clans.

  2. So…what’s with all the elf hate? I actually like elves. In fact, Elrond was always one of my favorite characters from The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings. Yes, elves as a race do have a tendency towards the vice of arrogance. But all people groups have their vices. Man’s susceptibility to corruption? Dwarven gold-lust? Even hobbits can be gossips and snobbish, not to mention thieves (Sackville-Baggins, anyone?).

    The fact that elves tend towards arrogance actually makes a lot of sense. Arrogance is a favorite vice amongst the scholarly and learned. Even the Bible mentions this tendency when it says that knowledge “puffs up.” This is something that I’ve encountered in my own life as an amateur scholar. I was humbled when my wife had to point out that I got a bit haughty when discussing more academic matters. I was ashamed to have to admit that she was right, and is something that I have tried to counter ever since.

    Since the elves are immortal beings, one consequence would be their ability to accumulate vast amounts of knowledge. No wonder they tend to view the other races more like children! Of course, this doesn’t excuse such behavior. We must all fight to overcome our shortcomings. And personally, I think that there are plenty of good elven characters. For every stuck-up elven snob, I bet you could find a valiant warrior who fights the shadow out of altruistic reasons.

    So let’s all be like Legolas and Gimli who put aside their assumptions and actually got to know each other and learned respect and friendship.

    …or maybe I’m wrong and the elves really are just arrogant jerks…:)

    Oh, and Pineleaf…don’t worry. The character I contacted you with was a pre-existing character on Brandywine, and I don’t play Burglars, so no hiding in the shadows and stalking here. 🙂

  3. Bellcaunion /

    I’m a little surprised that Teri didn’t say “down with elves” somewhere in the episode.

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