Spring Festival 2016 Has Arrived!



Spring Dyes

The first of the seasonal dyes has also arrived, and they are available only as pots of dye, despite the community asking for recipes to be made available.  As seen in the above screenshot, two colors are available for barter with festival tokens, while the other two are only available to purchase with mithril coins.

Spring Horse

The new steed, Steed of Ethuil, is available for forty spring leaves, while last year’s mount (Steed of New Bloom) is also still available at half the price it was last year, along with the Trellis-weave caparison. Best of all, we have brand-new cosmetics!

Spring Cosmetics

The Sightseer’s Jacket and Sightseer’s Trousers cost eighteen tokens each, and are separate pieces that could potentially be combined with other things. The Sightseer’s Hat is only fifteen tokens, and for those who have leftover tokens from old festivals, a handy token conversion vendor can be found at the Party Tree in Michel Delving.

All previous festival events are still active, as well as cosmetic and other rewards to be bartered in a variety of locations. Sadly, CSTM’s guide to the Spring Festival is no longer available, but a quick Google search helped me find this festival guide to last year’s festival that seems to be fairly accurate for this year’s events.


    • Teriadwyn /

      Veteran festival-goers like myself who pay attention to these things have noticed a trend where festivals typically start a day earlier than the official start-date. Log in for your free XP (a.k.a. the auto-bestowed quest for Spring Festival) today!

  1. Marmi /

    It works as intended. Just be aware that if you are for example in the USA then somewhere in the world there is already next day (especially Australia, Japan etc.).
    That’s why all festivals and for example weekend events starts always a day earlier if you are on the western part of Earth 🙂
    What if some people in for example New Zealand login 7th and see there is no festival? I can see outrage in Lotro forum 🙂

    • Right…I’ve always assumed that it’s not based on U.S. time, but on World time, since there is a global player base. So if the date is announced as June 7th, it starts on June 7th where June 7th first appears…which is not in the U.S.

  2. Dave /

    Its based on server time, ie EST.

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