LOTRO Players News Episode 153: Feeling Sheepish


This week we talk about new information regarding the raid coming with Update 18.2.

Game News

Turbine Announces End of LOTRO Phone Support

Turbine Teases New Raid

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LOTRO Players News

LOTRO Players Celebrates Three Years!

Community Events: June 3rd-9th

The Blue Theatre Song Contest: Order of Proceedings & The Best Seats

Poll: How Would You Rate Update 18?

Lilikate’s Screen Shots: Trampled Fields of Pelennor

Eastern Gondor Fully Voiced

The Family Line Part 94

Critters casual – All things Hobnanigans and chicken pets

Uncovering the Annals of the Dwarves

Critters Journey Part 26

Brax’s memorial pick of the week:  Hobbiton Honeymoon





  • Reached level cap skirmishing with Pineleaf!



  • Purchased and completed half of Eregion on my F2P account. Falling for the Lore-Master again.



  • Lots of leveling! Mini from 84 to 87, Warden from 11 to 31 and RK from 28 to 31. Phew!



  • Did a level-cap Ost Elendil with Landroval!Teri, only 4 people but we nailed the challenge!



  • Made merry mischief with RPers in Bree



  • Completed Volume 3 in my Beorning series


News Beyond LOTRO

Middle-earth Video Highlights: The Hunt for Gollum


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Featured Comments

rangerlilyrose left a comment on last week’s LPN (give spoiler warning):

I’m very disappointed in how Halbarad’s sacrifice is being treated by many players.


He taunts Gothmog, makes him lose his composure, and sacrifices himself to allow his allies to strike. Specifically to keep him away from his King, Aragorn.

Seriously, how can it be that a basic game mechanic isn’t recognized when it applies to the story itself? *sigh*

Lights a candle for the noble and misunderstood Halbarad.


Aradathalion writes:

“LPN Crew,
   Thanks so much for taking the time to read my email, particularly for reading it in Kermit’s voice. I really enjoyed the update talk. I haven’t really even gotten anywhere close to that so I am bound to forget anything I have heard that is a spoiler. However, I am continually impressed with the detail and care the devs. put into the game. I think with the quality of the game I think LOTRO will be around for many years and more adventures.

   I also had another question for you. A little background information first, I have played from around to launch of Free-to-play but in those three years, (brace yourself and laugh a little because it’s silly). I have never made it any farther in the epic then Book 3 Vol. 1. (partially because of a nasty case of completionism) I am now starting to play a lot more. Do you have any recommendations of quest lines that are worth looking forward to or lines that are must do’s for you in a play through? I am going to do it all (or as much as possible) but I wanted something to motivate myself with more than the simple mystery of the unknown and a really compelling epic quest.

Thanks for the input!

Aradathalion L27 Warden Arkenstone.

  1. I noticed that you were stumbling over my name. No hard feelings, it’s hard to pronounce but I do have some help for you. I think (according to Elf pronunciation websites) it is pronounced Uh-rad-Uh-tha-lion. Hope that helps. Thanks again!”

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  1. Question for Maven I’ve been meaning to ask for a while now. Does Buddha scream 24 seven? Or is the microphone button on your computer connected to an electrical charge on his perch? #HushBirdBrain! 😀. Cheers, Braag of Landroval

    • Braag! You mean he doesn’t add extra color to the show? Laugh. The silly guy reacts to me talking….When I start talking, he apparently decides that he needs to be part of the conversation…he actually makes more noise than you hear. I mute my mic as much as possible!

      He’d be happy to be a guest on your podcast! I could teach him to say “Light the Beacons!”

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