Letters to my Brother Pt. 1


Dear Dullathaen,

My brother, it is good to write to you, even though I have not been gone long. I have traveled to Ered Luin in the Blue Mountains. After a good deal of traveling I arrived at Celondim, the city of the great ships, and I met its master, the great Elf-lord Cirdan.

Once I had been introduced to Lord Cirdan he sent me to my trainer. Now for the best news of all, the Warden trainer selected me! He said that I have great potential to be a Warden. Unfortunately, I have not had an opportunity to get his name. Twill be no matter though. I will get to know him quite well I think.

After that I was sent on a short tour of the town. Celondim is a marvelous place! It was built on the side of a mountain and everything sits upon another. However there is a great deal of room to move about. There is a near by vineyard and the facilities are some of the finest. I did find a marvelous secret though. One of the towers is close enough to a higher hill for me to leap on top of it. It provides a commanding view. I can see the harbor below and a splendid view of the river Lhûn. When it is sunset the water catches the sun and it glows like a river of liquid fire. It is a shame that I only have words to describe it. You truly must see it! It is a wonder beyond compare.

Now I must ask you an important question. How is father? I know that he was not pleased with me leaving to adventure much less train as a warrior. He wanted me to stay and be a farmer. Farming! Farming! That is not for me. I lived through the raid on the refuge. I know there is evil in the world. I cannot just sit here and ignore it! That would be wrong. There is a calling I feel, that calling is to help those who cannot help themselves, the oppressed, the captive, it stays deep in my heart. There is a time for reaping crops and another for reaping foes. At this time, at what I think may be the end of the Third age the time is not for reaping crops brother. The Goblins are getting bolder then before and I hear of great evil stirring in the Barrows north of Duillond.

It is getting late. I cannot stay up much longer because I have a long day ahead of me. Be safe dear brother, I will try to write to you again soon. And please, tell father I am sorry, but I cannot let others lay struggling while I have the strength to do something about it. Surely, father must know that having fought as a great champion of the Free People in years past

Your brother,

Aradathalion Woodstalker.


  1. Squirle /

    I really like the format

  2. Bellcaunion /

    I’m really looking forward to the next one.

  3. Aradathalion /

    My apologies. Part 2 has been postponed until tomorrow.

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