LOTRO Academy: 126 – Crafting Pt. 2


LOTRO Academy: 126 - Crafting Pt. 2

In this episode, Maven returns to join Branick, Teriadwyn, Draculetta, and Pineleaf in the conclusion to our in-depth discussion of crafting in The Lord of the Rings Online™. Thanks for listening.

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  1. Barnabras /

    Lotr were-wolves are mentioned once by name. I just re-read and it stuck out in my mind. It was either in Rivendell or at Bag-end I think. Sauron turns into a were-wolf (in Sil) to defeat Huron (spelling). But it didn’t work.

  2. Crafting guild access is free for VIPs but not for premium or f2p, it costs 295TP per guild or 2065TP for all seven guilds. They are on sale sometimes, so you may want to get them at that point.

  3. I also noticed that the Supplier at Michel Delving, in the crafting area, sells all the Farming Crops including expert ones, you don’t need to go to see the expert farmer to get them anymore, or the Mathom House

  4. Awesome work getting through the Crafting lessons over the two episodes, guys. Way to not /faint and keep those /whippitydo’s to a minimum during the whole process, Teri!

    Just making a clarification, as it was claimed that crafting tool recipes are single-use, Journeyman to Master Metalsmithing tiers (tiers 2-5) include 3-in-1 tools that are not single use, and can be used as many times as you wish, once you learn the recipe. Master tier includes multiple-use recipes, as well as single-use single tools and single-use 3-in-1 tools (which I believe match the stats quality-wise of a Universal Toolkit). Tiers beyond that are indeed single-use 3-in-1 tools.

    And just to make a small tip to those who wish to sell recipes on the Auction House. If possible, place recipes on the AH for a lower buyout (under 100 silver or so – I normally do mine at 40/50 silver). By offering the means to acquire a recipe for cheaper, there may be more crafters on the server who can make that item, therefore lowering the demand and hopefully lowering the general price on that crafted item if you’d want to buy it yourself. I suppose if you are a heavy crafter who puts stuff on the AH, you may then want to refrain from posting as many recipes yourself (especially of your own craft[s]), but that’d be a whole ‘nother level of auctioneering we don’t need to get into now. =)

  5. Thanks for great 2nd part of crafting (Help me get through boring morning at work), I was wondering if you could help I am still new to game and I getting most stuff but can’t get my head round Virtues so any be great or link to show if already covered would really good too thanks tips would chris

  6. Making a Case for Single-Use Recipes in Game:
    I don’t expect I will change Branicks mind on this subject as that’s about as easy to do as Getting a Chicken to Carn Dum, but I do believe there is a place for the mechanic of Single-Use Recipes (SUR’s for short) in game.
    LOTRO did not create this mechanic, it has been around as along as D&D. There are tons of magic scrolls in that game that can only be used once before disappearing! That is part of what makes them special as loot!
    In a genre where crafting is often marginalized vs. Instance based Loot or even landscape drops at times, SUR’s can give those who spend the time to master Crafting a reason to persist at their efforts.

    The trick is to think of an SUR as a reward akin to a rare drop in game (either instanced or landscape). LOTRO could just drop the item itself as a reward and bypass crafters all together, but by making it a recipe it can promote a more robust economy (for BOE) or just the value of crafting in general (for BoA). Making the recipe permanently available (even with a long CD) could lead to flooding the market with the item and decreasing it’s value. You don’t want to make a craftable “Brass Anvil” for example that would remove the incentive for anyone to ever run the Halls of Crafting again. I actually wish that instances or skirms dropped more SUR”s rather than less.

    I agree with you that you could argue or over the appropriateness of including SOME items in the category of an SUR. Tools for an example are a good example that one could argue. It has never bothered me that they are single-use, but I could see why it might bother others. Scholars Journals are another one as they aren’t even an item in themselves, they just add a higher crit chance to another crafter’s recipe, but making them a Single-Use recipe DOES give an incentive to level a scholar and work for the materials required to barter for the recipes from the Helm’s Deep Quartermasters. (so they are not just a random drop). This gives incentives to run content repeatedly for reasonable rewards vs.just being able to stockpile these items ad nauseum and reduce their value. I personally find that preferable to just controlling via longer and longer Cooldowns.

    Besides, Otherwise we’d have tons of Silmarils, Narsils and Mirdinants on eBay!

    Braag of Vilya

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