Poems of the Pine: Fortress of the Nazgûl


Pinesong on Stage

We cross the river and head into Mirkwood.

Book 9 – Fortress of the Nazgûl

We alighted from our boat
At the landing in Mirkwood
Where shadow did send
Shivers down our back.
Our charge was to take
The churlish Mazog
Into the deepest woods
To Dol Guldor.
We slogged through a swamp
Sickened with death
Where light did lure
Our leader to the West.
Then we trekked through webs
That wasted our strength
To leave our charge
Chilled with venom.
We sought a cure
In the silent tombs
And revived the villain
Of vicious bent.
We then made a deal
At the dreadful gate
But the trade did end
In betrayal and death.
We broke into the keep
And Bori did save
Our friend was free at last.
Then Bróin slew Mazog
With the Mithril axe
To end his reign of ruin.

Now what will we do with this shiny axe?

Pineleaf Needles

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