LOTRO Players News Episode 149: Goater Gang


This week we talk about raiding news, Moria and Lothlórien.

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LOTRO Players News

Community Events: May 6th-12th

Hobnanigans Chicken League Tournament Launches Today

Spring Racing Carnival 2016 – May 14

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Time to FIX the LOTRO /say bug

Middle Critter Earth – a Critters Journey update

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Critters Journey Part 22

Poems of the Pine: Scourge of Khazad-dûm


New Player Question

There is now a bulk option for processing raw materials at the Anorien crafting level. Is this basically the same as processing individual mats in terms of xp and craft xp?





  • Tanked Skirm Raids on my Cap’n after finally getting out of that elvish maze in Eregion
  • Ran the Beardkissers through the Great Barrows… Karvalant talks a lot when others don’t.
  • Archet to Angmar Achieved: Inopae has leveled to 50! Near the same time hit 200 followers on my Twitch channel… so I’m going to twitter to see what class want me to play into Moria: LM, Mini or Hunter.



  • Had fun with the roleplay stream.
  • Lots of tp grinding! Found a good guide online with a sweet route… in three sessions I earned about 700-800tp.
  • Won a Steely Dawn Starter Pack … which gave me enough to get the new zone so I can do the instances and the barechested dorf appearance so I can ride me chopper in style.



  • Pineleaf got a pop culture reference!
  • Bingo leveling
  • Rohan Beorning is not a Beorning



  • Took on a Mumak with the Grrlz of Middle-earth, crossed that off Landroval!Teri’s bucket list.
  • Leveled Crickhollow!Teri to 50 and Blessing of the Valar Upgraded her to 95, promptly took her to Gondor.
  • Saryssa finally got the /toast emote, some alts are still missing it, though.



  • Grrlz left a trail of bodies across Rohan and finished off with Pelennor warbands
  • Had an awesome time on Amon Sul with Karv and Company (and we did somehting else that I can’t remember…still fun thought)
  • Every character who wanted a Windfells goat now has one



  • On Arkenstone, my warden finally reached Minas Tirith
  • On Crickhollow, my Lore-master reached Minas Tirith and is near the great bridge.
  • Two Beornings reached Helm’s Deep


News Beyond LOTRO

Middle-earth Video Highlights: Battle at the Black Gate

Moot of the Week

Topic: What are the pros and cons of Lothlórien?


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Featured Comments

Barnabras left a comment on LOTRO Players News:

Great show, somehow Pineleaf was extra awesome this week. As for the hunter being revamped, perhaps it has something to do with Pvmp. I know when I see a hunter, I rub my hands together and think “allright free lunch”. They are the most underpowered of classes, except maybe the Burglar. A well geared and skilled guardian, however is almost unkillable.


Trotter writes:

“I love the Task Bulletin Boards in your housing area, after the latest update, I did not have a house on my account until they were introduced, as I saw no point until this was introduced.

I am so happy that Turbine has introduced this 🙂

Best Regards,

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