LOTRO Players News Episode 148: Teri Undercover


This week we talk about the news from the anniversary livestream.

Game News

News From LOTRO’s Six-Hour Anniversary Livestream

Turbine Reveals the Circle of LOTRO

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LOTRO Players News

Community Events: April 29th-May 5

Courtly Ayres Spring Formal Masquerade Ball

Songfull Saturdays with The Ninny Hammers: Any Colour You Like

Poll: Which Class Most Needs A Revamp?

LOTRO Academy: 124 – Crafting Pt. 1

Small LOTRO Adventures with Lizzy – Episode 51

The Family Line Part 89

A Critters Journey Part 21

Pineleaf’s Primer to Skirmishing: Strike against Dannenglor





  • Got to do some leveling with Mrs Karv on our Capn/Htr duo… Started exploring the Vol 3 ruin in Eregion, didn’t quite get all the way from the top to the bottom.



  • Stream bok-bok-bombing Ara and Karv with Teri



  • Leveled with Pineleaf who somehow caught up and got ahead



  • Sorted through all the extraneous Teriadwyns from the closed servers, and discovered an extra hobbit minstrel that I ended up keeping on Crickhollow.



  • Crickhollow warden reached level 105. Ran some skirmishes at the new level.


News Beyond LOTRO

Middle-earth Video Highlights: The Piano Guys


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Featured Comments

Braag left a comment on LOTRO Players News Episode 147:

FYI, there is a literary reference for the fountain in Edoras, although you can still argue that turbine might’ve interpreted it to be a bit more grand than Tolkien described:

“The travellers entered, walking in file behind their guide. They found a broad path, paved with hewn stones, now winding upward, now climbing in short flights of well-laid steps. Many houses built of wood and many dark doors they passed. Beside the way in a stone channel a stream of clear water flowed, sparkling and chattering. At length they came to the crown of the hill. There stood a high platform above a green terrace, at the foot of which a bright spring gushed from a stone carved in the likeness of a horse’s head; beneath was a wide basin from which the water spilled and fed the falling stream. Up the green terrace went a stair of stone, high and broad, and on either side of the topmost step were stone-hewn seats.”


Brozo The Beard writes:

“Hypothetical situation. If LOTRO shutdown tomorrow and you had to decide on a new mmo to migrate to, what MMO would you choose? #10moreYearsOfLOTRO #MaybeMore #IDK #WouldBeCool”

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  1. Barnabras /

    Great show, somehow Pineleaf was extra awesome this week. As for the hunter being revamped, perhaps it has something to do with Pvmp. I know when I see a hunter, I rub my hands together and think “allright free lunch”. They are the most underpowered of classes, except maybe the Burgalar. A well geared and skilled gaurdian, however is almost unkillable.

  2. Chickens don’t craft. They outsource it. But got to read to whom.

  3. Check the Instance Finder Panel – they are listed as “Epic Battles”. So, whoever coded that, doesn’t seem to care what Vyvyanne wants to call them…

  4. Great show all, I really liked the academy Crafting, as a very new player looking forward to 2nd part. Just Up date from my first comment I am loving levelling my first character and working my self to rivendell. But after to listen to your moira Review(Great job again) Really looking forward to see it for my self

    • P.s Also want to say a thank you to pineleaf for his Beorning lets play on youtube as been using it as guide when get stuck or not sure where to go

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