Poll: What Is Your Favorite Part of The Lord of the Rings Books?


A big thanks to Kingtag for suggesting this week’s poll!

What is your favorite part of The Lord of the Rings books?

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  1. Barnabras /

    All of the above for me, so I picked other.

  2. Like Barnabras, I love Lord of the Rings in its entirety, the way everything combines to make the most epic world ever.

  3. Squirle /

    By this time i would say the appendixes.

  4. I voted for theme, although I believe that should be changed to themes 🙂
    I love the story, characters and settings too but the core message I think stands the test of time and makes this Novel a classic work of literature.

  5. John /

    I pretty much like all of the aspects that are mentioned. I settled on the characters because I find them the easiest to identify with.

  6. Voted for characters, because without them there wouldn’t be a story. At least not the way it is now. The depth of the characters makes you love and hate them. But of course the story is awesome, and so it the setting.

    Why no ‘all of the above’?

  7. I love everything about them, but every time I read them I sit back and marvel at
    the way Tolkien uses language. I voted style because that was the closest choice.

  8. Louni /

    Yes all of the above as well for me! I even love the poems and songs!

  9. Southi /

    I chose the story, but seriously how can you have a story without a setting, theme, and characters? To me a story includes all of those.

  10. Delarfin /

    I love the world of Middle Earth so I chose other.

  11. Travarin /

    Too hard to choose. All of the above!

  12. 5 votes for ‘There were books?’…. I most certainly hope that someone (5 someones) were trying to make a joke there…. baddd joke.

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