News From LOTRO’s Six-Hour Anniversary Livestream


This week Turbine had a six-hour livestream to celebrate LOTRO’s 9 Year Anniversary!

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During the stream, Vyvyanne confirmed that we are still going to Mordor sometime in the next year.

When talking about possible instance types with Mordor, Vyvyanne said:

“I don’t know that we’ll really jump into another big battle.” – Vyvyanne

Vyvyanne also talked about the licence renewal in 2017.

“Its not something we can actually talk about.  Its not within our purview. … I wouldn’t even worry about that.  I don’t worry about it.” -Vyvyanne

Turbine mentioned they are building another version of Minas Tirith that will be free of the Dawnless Day and will also be a quest hub.

Also, the raid coming with Update 18.2 will have many bosses for players to fight.

Loot tables are currently being worked on with hopes of regular small improvements which will result in a large change overall.

Turbine is working on improvements for both Burglar and Guardian classes.

When talking about the burglar bow issue, Vyvyanne hinted at the number of players LOTRO has:

“…when you have a game with hundreds of thousands of players.” -Vyvyanne

Vyvyanne even gave a hint about Frodo and Sam.

“I would expect to check in on Frodo and Sam in the next year.” – Vyvyanne

Also, the EU Datacenter move has been officially canceled.

Finally, the developers stated that Bingo Boffin was meant to be a side project and will not have similar stories for other races.

Overall, it seems there is a good plan for LOTRO moving forward.  Players will be getting a raid, a sunny version of Minas Tirith and a path into Mordor.

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  1. Tirian /

    You’ll probably come across as you go through the stream, but Pinion (with reference to something DrOctothorpe posts in chat) confirms that we’ll be going to Minas Morgul with our characters – as its not in one of the main interview sections, I thought I’d point thtat out 🙂


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