LOTRO Academy: 124 – Crafting Pt. 1


LOTRO Academy: 124 - Crafting Pt. 1

In this episode, Branick, Teriadwyn, Draculetta, and Pineleaf are joined by guest host Maven for an in-depth look at crafting in The Lord of the Rings Online™. Thanks for listening.

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  1. Great episode as always,

    I am a player who has every crafting tier to max level, and all the professions at max guild.

    I thought this was an excellent episode, one thing to mention a bit more is that crafting can be very expensive.

    If you have a Cook that stays in Shire, they need lots and lots of gold.

    Guild Recipes which you will hopefully discuss in the the next show, are very expensive if you get all the recipes, 200-300 gold for some of them.

  2. Sorry that should have said “Guild Recipes which you will hopefully discuss in the the next show, are very expensive if you get all the recipes, 200-300 gold for some of them.” but should be “Guild Recipes which you will hopefully discuss in the the next show, are very expensive if you get all the recipes, 200-300 gold for all of them.

  3. Barnabras /

    Someone said they wanted a song, I’m not sure but I think I got it all wrong. As I listened to the show, I thought of a rap that had to go. (By the Beastie Boys)

    She’s crafty- her name is Trish
    She’s crafty- she is the dish
    She’s crafty -master guild
    She’s crafty- critical build

    She’s crafty……

    Crossing fingers that DJPD is the next guest host…….

  4. Barnabras /

    Little known fact, Branick also enjoys watching the grass grow. But never ever while crafting. Because that would just be crazy.

  5. Sanswinda /

    Thank you for another great episode! I discovered LOTRO roughly 2 months ago, and having never played an MMO before, the information on this podcast has been very helpful in figuring out what is going on in-game. Collectively, you have also set an encouraging example of continuing to learn and not letting fear of failure, lack of knowledge, or in-game deaths stop the fun. Thank you for both the information and the introduction to the culture of the game. I continue to look forward to future episodes!

  6. Michel Lamontagne /

    Hi Branick! and the other members of the team. I’ve been away from Lotro for a long time, but lately I went back to the Academy podcast. I started by listening to the 5 parts of the

    Mines of Moria review. It was a real pleasure to hear those still familiar voices but, at the same time, I felt nostalgic. So many memories… not only from Moria but even back to the

    Wednesday Night in Lotro, at the Academy kin house, chatting, singing… I almost reinstalled Lotro on my desktop but I would have had to unisntall some other programs and since I’m

    planing on buying a new computer very soon… Then I listened to the After school episodes, the bonus one (I loved it), and the crafting part 1. I miss the Academy, and I hope to be back

    soon. Keep up the good work, it’s greatly appreciated. Eager to hear you live on friday.

    P.S. BTW Branick, you’re not the only one to stay in front of the computer while crafting, looking at the XP bar, I do the same.

    Mikael K / mk / Melkraen…

  7. Per the notes from the anniversary stream:


    – EdgeCase was adamant that there will never be a new crafting guild tier, but you may see new guild recipes.

    – Level 105 crafting will be in Update 19 (maybe).

    So that is one “may” and one “maybe”. Given Turbine’s history, that means “no” and “no”. Crafting ends at Westemnet (T9) – the last of the guild recipes / last of the LIs. T10 is an afterthought and just seems tacked on. Given the comments by the devs and the current state of T10, I foresee a bleak future for crafting as it becomes less and less relevant.

  8. What a wild ride I’m sure this crafting series will be…great work on the first part!

    I’ve taken a decent liking to crafting, considering it like a form of soloable content to endure on a completionist route. I’ve been able to max out seven crafters to accompany each of the seven guilds (mastered) on Landy, and I also have a good push toward doing the same thing on Arkenstone (keep stalling on the Yeoman, ’cause the guild work is a pain). To my knowledge, my four hunters (one of each race) on four servers are guilded out Woodsmen, so I suppose I could have a bit of craftaholism. That being said, I am particularly lazy with actually doing anything with crafting – it was more just out of completionist sake, and to assist friends if needed.

    I have kind of noticed a trend in the later regions that they offer more treasure-type nodes (backpacks, corpses, etc) that also seem to respawn a bit quicker, which are a great way for any player of any craft to acquire crafting materials that could accompany essentially any of the professions. This is particularly nice for finding sought-after scholar materials. I’d love for them to reintroduce these on a greater scale all around Middle Earth to assist with general material acquisition.

    As per your mention on the cost of raising a Yeoman, it could be said that they tend to output a greater number of ingredients and consumables than some other professions. Additionally, when it comes to a guilded Cook, they don’t have a particular large expense in purchasing guild recipes. On the flip side, if you are a guilded Weaponsmith and wish to purchase ALL of the offered Legendary Item recipes, you better have some deep pockets as you will likely find yourself spending several hundreds of gold to acquire the many recipes offered. I know I know, I’m sure all the guilded stuff will land itself in another part.

    What’s that? You want a little jingle? Okay, I shall oblige – see below.

    Hey Crafting (to the tune of “Hey Mickey”)

    Hey crafting, you’re so fine,
    You’re so fine my wallet shines
    Hey crafting! Hey crafting!
    Hey crafting, you’re so fine,
    You’re so fine my wallet shines
    Hey crafting! Hey crafting

    There’s many crafts to pick and many tiers to grind,
    So pick up all those sticks and chip away those mines,
    Don’t expect it to be quick it’ll take a bit of time, crafting.

    As your work ascends you’ll find many things to make,
    It could be stuff that mends or perhaps a carrot cake,
    Craft stuff for your friends for some karma, goodness sake, crafting.

    Oh crafting, there is so much stuff now to be had,
    From jewelry, armors, food, to consumables like mad.
    Oh crafting, you will not touch half the stuff, it’s sad,
    There’s so much to do, crafting,
    Oh, what you do crafting, do crafting,
    Just have some fun, crafting.

  9. brian A Miller /

    Only 39 minutes in, and I just found this recently, but something that seems to surprise people in worldchat is you can do all professions with 4 characters, as long as they take WHAT?


    By doing this on 2 accounts, you can always have your farmer on with your cook, it spreads the inventory well, and is especially nice with multiboxing. 🙂 of course you can only be in 4 guilds then, which may be an issue, if I ever get to endgame. Wonder if any other shortfalls to that method and how bad that would be at endgame.

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