LOTRO Players News Episode 147: Palantír Call Waiting


This week we celebrate nine years of LOTRO!

Game News

LOTRO Celebrates Nine Years

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LOTRO Players News

Community Events: April 22nd-28th

The ARDAMAN 2016: Challenging Middle-Earth’s Greatest Athletes

Poll: Will You Buy the Far Anórien Zone?

LOTRO Academy: 123 – Bonus Content

Tales of the Free Folk Episode 15: Bird Brained

The Blue Theatre Song Contest: Planning Update 1

Small LOTRO Adventures Episode 50

The Family Line Part 88

Critters Journey Part 20


New Player Question

I found a wooden chest on a quest in one of the Orc camps, and it wouldn’t open for me. This happened more than once. What’s up with that?





  • Did my first-ever roleplay thing and gave Karv a death stare
  • Had a long-overdue mod day stream
  • Learned how to make the Balewood less straight-up awful



  • Had fun stalking Ara in Bree then stealing his sleeping spot… the timing on that couldn’t have been better.
  • Pursued and obtained the most Epic Chopper Mount in Middle-earth… Karvalant Beardkisser is now a Black Goat Rider.
  • Massive stream push to earn 427 TP in order to get the Moria Expac on my F2P series today… only 52 away now.  (big thanks to Coldfellswarden for the power leveling and conversation).



  • Did Rescue at Nurz Gashu with Karv & Company, then had a special celebration after succeeding on our third attempt
  • Scored the Windfells Goat and Master Blaster for my hobbit burglar–the goat is so cute!!!
  • Ran some of the Beacon Hills quests on Glordriel



  • More Pelennor
  • Bingo Leveling For The Win
  • Fixing The Network



  • Finished out the new books of the EPIC Story on Landroval!Teriadwyn. OMG!
  • Gladden!Teriadwyn went back to Moria to work through Volume 2, or at least enough of it to unlock the skirmishes.
  • Saryssa the burglar is no longer capped at 65! Working through Anniversary quests and achieved Master Blaster and the new goat.



  • Lore-master joined in on Corey’s weekly stream where I demonstrated that even a blind squirrel can occasionally find a nut.
  • My regular small fellowship group tried The Ruined City but the boss didn’t like us.
  • The Ninny Hammers concert managed to get an audience despite being placed on a relatively empty layer due to the anniversary event.


News Beyond LOTRO

Middle-earth Video Highlights: The World Was Young

Moot of the Week

Topic: What are the pros and cons of Edoras?


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Featured Comments

Chris Corrick left a comment on LOTRO Academy Episode 123:

Hi just found this great game and site about week and half ago, I am having so much fun in game about to start my max level run after playing few class. You got new listener and fan keep up great work.(will be working through back log of podcast while I level)


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  1. You can see the new Blue Orb emote in the Collections Panel (Shift & C), under Emotes

  2. Braag /

    FYI, there is a literary reference for the fountain in Edoras, although you can still argue that turbine might’ve interpreted it to be a bit more grand than Tolkien described:

    “The travellers entered, walking in file behind their guide. They found a broad path, paved with hewn stones, now winding upward, now climbing in short flights of well-laid steps. Many houses built of wood and many dark doors they passed. Beside the way in a stone channel a stream of clear water flowed, sparkling and chattering. At length they came to the crown of the hill. There stood a high platform above a green terrace, at the foot of which a bright spring gushed from a stone carved in the likeness of a horse’s head; beneath was a wide basin from which the water spilled and fed the falling stream. Up the green terrace went a stair of stone, high and broad, and on either side of the topmost step were stone-hewn seats.”

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