Poll: Which Class Most Needs A Revamp?


Which class most needs a revamp?

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  1. I think this depends on what folks think of when they think “revamp.” For some it means “love.” For others it means “nerf.”

  2. Baldigar /

    (If this is like a featured comment (not to seem arrogant, just self-conscious), don’t read it in its entirety, pick and choose parts. I’m too tired to make sure it all makes sense and sounds good, so it probably wouldn’t.)

    Personally, I voted Hunter over Burglar, though I would probably put Burglar first in terms of mechanical relevance. The issue for me with Burglar is they need to have and make new content that works with Burglar’s strengths more than just doing a ton of damage. I don’t think they need to revamp the class so much as the content, to make CC and debuffs more relevant, both for group and solo play. DPS is too major right now. Honestly, I think a CC break bar like in GW2 would be a very interesting mechanic to see for mobs around the world as well as bosses; they could make FMs do a huge chunk to a CC break bar, and then Burgs would be highly desired for their on-demand ability to do that, along with tons of other CC.

    As for hunter, I like the variety of play styles, but I think it just needs to be stronger base damage. (I know if you go full out mastery essences you can get crazy high damage, but it still feels much worse to me than any other class in terms of sustain, survive-ability, and being devastating, namely for blue and red line). Maybe I just don’t play it well though.

    I also personally find captains to be clunky and slow feeling, without any attack speed buffs up, and while that may seem proper, I personally don’t enjoy it.

    But yeah, any primarily single-target class needs a bit of help now, especially because so many classes can compete with single-target damage, but on an AoE scale, meaning far more total damage.

    Everything I’m saying though is in terms of numbers balance. If I wanted a mechanic change, I’d honestly probably go with LM, specifically yellow line, to make things a bit lower maintenance to make it overall more desirable to use.

    But yeah, I think every class could use a looking at to determine how to integrate every specialization into at least some content, if not all content. I think the classes designs are pretty solid, but the bigger issue is the game not catering to all of those options in a satisfying way.

  3. I am upset that there is no choice for “Sara Oakheart”

  4. Goldgel /

    Burg needs much love… It’s the class that’s been swept under the rug while all other classes get tweaks and fixes…. #MakeBurgGreatAgain

  5. Of the the top 3 classes picked for revamping I would have to say that 2 out of the 3 seem to invoke the sad state of CC in MMOs in general and in the horrible yellow lines of the Burg and LM in particular. Re-instituting the importance of CC in T2 instances is directly related to making these 2 once awesome classes shine once again.

  6. Somehow around about lvl 80 my Hunter entered a whole new realm of squishiness. He’s spent a over month now being killed by a half-troll in Central Gondor while trying to put arrows in a barrel or something. I log in, try, die, and leave. So a bit more survivability would be nice.

    • My hunter had no such problems. Just use CC skills and none landscape mob is danger for you. I use trapper line and I died in landscape only once in whole gondor (narrow Osgiliath street full of gobs and wargs, run out of CC and couldnt kite).

  7. I think this game has more serious issues then possible class revamps. Still it is obvious that burgs are now least popular class. Hardly ever I see them used in instances. Still in landscape quests burg is for me really great. But thats mainly because of stealth (and specially disguise on war steed which allow not to aggro half of map 😉 ). So as I love questing on burg, I dont think I will use him in instances when finally reach 105.

    Hunter is OK. One of most popular classes and with 3 really interesting builds allowing different gameplay (specially trapper is my love as is not based on pure mindless damage but you can kite and CC really numerous bands of enemies, awsome fun). Improving this class would end with too many hunters in pugs (and we had such situation some time ago).

    Probably some love would need guards and cappies, cause they are very useful in raids, but few people levels them. So for instances they are ok, but red trees for leveling could be improved to make fight maybe not even easier, but funnier, more entertaining, faster.

    Also lore master could have inductions lowered to execute skills faster, while making them slightly less powerful to keep dps unchanged. For me personally lore would be much funnier then.

    IMO worst are warsteed skills in almost all classes. Recent changes improved situation but still I would like to have a few more skills (like throwing from the saddle, aiming at enemy steed, to fast kill it, some other CC skills, more damage skills, more range for some classes – guard could toss some javelins while on steed, or use his bow or xbow – there were in medieval times heavily armored horse crossbowmen so guard on horse could be smth like that). All this to make warsteed fight more interesting, cause now it is dull and annoying. I like it only on hunter (still it is easier and much faster to fight steed enemies on foot!) and (surprise!) burg, but in that case because I use strategem to kill enemy when he is still in place or moving slowly and when I aggro more, I make one to fight for me so at least there is some small fun.

    But biggest Lotro problems IMO are very boring quests (MT and Far Anorien quests are IMO worst in the whole game), badly designed quest flow (Far Anorien is in that case worst then all regions made in last 6-7 years) and insane, disgusting grind. So I would prefer Turbine took care about this problems. Also current random loot for best armors is huge nonsense. Rune keeper armor dropping in instance while we had no rune in group, some people in my kin got 3 times the same leggins and no other armor pieces. That makes grind even worse.

    I am afraid that witch such designe Lotro will not stay alive long. Making game more tedious is bad recipe for success.

  8. and these polls would be interesting: “which class you play most?” and “which race you play most?”

  9. Hands down the Burg, the class was the biggest loser of the uncapped stats at ROI as DPS went off the charts so you no longer need conjunctions beyond “go all blue”. The crit chain issue has been mentioned on this site before no need to rehash that but an additional casualty of the uncapped stats and extreme DPS has been unnecessary CC. I dont see how Turbine can really revamp this class its going to need a near complete rewrite given the content now and that rewrite will likely come at the cost of the burg’s unique identity. The classes are already homogeneous now.

    Stealth of course still keeps the burg unique and that is at the heart of its potency but I am hopeful turbine does with the burg what they did with hunters when they revamped the yellow line. Hunter isnt perfect but you now have 3 potent lines to play with there and a yellow line hunter is formidable in the right hands. A mischief maker burg not only is forced away from its strength, stealth, its given little in the way to make up for loss of its strength.

    Increasing the range for dust and startling twist would be a great place to start.

  10. Barnabras /

    What? No option for Creeps? Well if you are talking free people then I’d go with Captain. Poor healing and poor DPS, should have an option to be good in one or the other.

    • Rucagorn of Evernight /

      Hmm bro Captains are awesome atm , have amazing dps in my build and also being tanking t2 instances , and we can also solo heal the 6 man if the group is well builded.

  11. Tirian /

    I’m glad to see burgs and hunters at the top (I voted for burgs), as they are the classes which do need the most attention – but I’m really surprised to see loremasters as currently in third place (albeit not by much) – they’re really rather potent, can solo pretty much all small fellowship content on the way to cap, and have significant utility at cap – I’ve seen yellow line LMs heal things like Dome of Stars quite easily. So yea, surprised to see that one quite so high on the list.

  12. Being selfish here… I would love for RK to get some tweeking, I am bored of the rotations I use!

    And for all the classes I find the trait trees need opening up so me more to give some real variety back into the character builds!

    • Class revamps won’t happen. Turbine doesn’t have the resources. But in a different reality, where a better company had possession of the IP, I would say all the classes initially, need a bit of a nerf. My pet peeve is Guardians. No class, regardless if they are tank or not, should be able to solo content that is “supposed” to be designed for group content. It’s poor class design and/or poor instance/dungeon design. We all became DPS zerg monsters when HD came out and it’s only getting worse–400% on TM and PM…yeah, because that is what we need. Turbine has basically left the class balancing to the players with the the poorly implemented essence system. Worst idea ever. And this is where we are today…:)

  13. Southy /

    I’ve played every class to at least lvl 100 and without a doubt to me the burglar is in the most need of a revamp. Not even a real contest.

  14. Bango on Laurelin /

    Burglar by a mile. My main char since the start of SOA is now an unplayable mess. No usable AOE, no sustainable single target dps due to power usage and a crit chain hampered by the recent bpe changes. The red haired step child that Turbine clearly wants nothing more to do with.

  15. Kaleigh Starshine /

    There is a vast difference in the standard required for Inclusivity versus exclusivity.

    Fairly often you will see calls for specific classes when folk are asking for aid with their endeavors. The Burglar is the only class I have seen that, fairly routinely, is specifically excluded by calls for aid.

    • Barnabras /

      That’s because they hipsd and Turbine couldn’t find them.

  16. Sae /

    I dont think chosing one class is going to help. All classes do need a revamp if you ask me. Personally I chose hunter, not because of the lack of abilities. They do have 3 good options as for playstyle. But it gets very boring, they need something more. Right now only thing for hunter that is playable is yellow because of the traps but that gets pretty boring too if you ask me. You throw out traps hoping your mobs run into them then shoot more arrows. They also need better survivability.

    As for burglar, this is the class everyone talks about needing a revamp. But the truth is, burglar is still one hell of a class, they are great, damage is great, they can hips. Only thing Id like to see change on burglar is the hips, the cooldown is too long. You see wargs in ettenmoors hipsing 3-4 times during one fight while burglar only has that option every other fight. But then again, for PvE, the class isnt the problem. Its the new material, the new instance clusters. They are not needed because they are a single target melee class, which isnt prefered in the new instances. They want ranged damage or AoE.

    If turbine just made new content where melee are useful and stop favourising ranged classes they wouldnt complain about burglars being a useless class. Problem still doesnt lie with the burglar class but with the new instance clusters and the new content.

    And as I said earlier. Every class could use a little fixup. Captain is very clunky, skills are slow, cooldowns are a second or two too long so youll have to wait between some hits. Hunters need more options instead of just standing in the background throwing traps around and shooting arrows, their melee hits barely scratches the mobs. Burglars need less cooldown on hips, more damage on throwing hatches for example. Rune-Keepers could do less damage on some hits, they already have the advantage of stacking DoT’s they honestly dont need to do 45k hits when their dots are already draining. Most people playing RK’s will argue with me on this one but it is the most powerful and wanted class around now, and no wonder with those hits, but the main problem with RK is the inductions in red, they are too long and too easy to interrupt, then we have yellow which used to be really good but now its well.. Its not great. Nerf red and give some love to yellow. LM’s are the same, long inductions, easy to interrupt, long cooldowns, damage is good now, they used to be a little low but I must say Id really love my LM now if it wasnt for the long inductions and cooldowns. Beornings are super powerful and still dont get much love. I dont have much to complain about on beorning, survivability is great, damage is great. Maybe a little skills for man form but otherwise thats a class that doesnt need much change in my opinion. Minstrel could use some more skills for dps, and better buffs in yellow line. Most of the buffs a yellow minstrel has for each class is pretty useless. Guardian should not be nerfed any more than you already did, give us our bleeds back! Give wardens some proper tanking abilities as for keeping agro, make it easier take agro off other players and a good single target taunt. Champion did get a boost not too long ago but I still think they could get a little fix on red line, its still a little clunky and slow at executing skills.

    So, instead of giving one class some love, how about giving the whole game some love. Let all classes use their special abilities in every new instance. Make them more playable in ettenmoors. Give us some new content where every class is useful. Not just ranged, tanks, healers and captains. Id like to see some new instances where burglars are wanted and needed.

  17. We Need throwing dagger bandoliers for burglars, I think 🙂

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