Critters Journey [20] The gang together



The second jubilee is here. Critters Journey hits it 2nd double digits. In this weeks episode George finds himself not on a dinner date. But they are still not safe.

Video recap

The journey has been going on for over 20 weeks. So perhaps not all people remember everything that happened. To tell the story to Radagast, Bearlys and you here is a handy recap of what happened in Georges journey so far.  It was a learning process in video editing and timing. But a recap is an integral part in this weeks episode. Enjoy the video and this weeks episode.

Future journeys

Critters is not going anywhere, but a few changes will be coming in the coming weeks. Some parts will be tweaked, changed and one will come to big finale. Was hoping to have it all done for this episode, but the recap wasnt playing nicely and didn’t want to delay this weeks episode.


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