LOTRO Celebrates Nine Years


9 Anniversary LOTRO

LOTRO is turning nine this month and is celebrating with its yearly Anniversary Festival.  This year’s festival runs from April 22nd through May 8th.

This year’s new rewards for 9-year players include:

Free Peoples:

  1. A 9- year character portrait frame
  2. White Tree Fireworks
  3. Palantir: Blue Orb Emote

Monster Players:

  1. A 9- year character portrait frame
  2. Aberrant Crackler Fireworks!
  3. Reaver – Haradrim Sword Appearance
    Defiler – Half-orc Staff Appearance
    Weaver – Vile Spinner Appearance
    Blackarrow – Skirmisher Shortbow Appearance
    Warleader – Haradrim Sword Appearance
    Stalker – Savage Mordor Warg Appearance

Check out previous years’ rewards here.

Note: Year-based rewards are only available to premium and VIP players.


  1. Rucagorn of Evernight /

    A toast to epic 9 years of travels in Middle-Earth , may another 9 com! ;D *cheer*

  2. Cambruin /

    Been looking for a screenshot of the new housing items and have yet to find one. Anyone? 🙂

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