Poll: Will You Buy the Far Anórien Zone?


Will you buy the Far Anórien zone?

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  1. Barnabras /

    I voted other because I am VIp, but what time I have spent in the zone was not a good experience. Too much lag, too much rubberbanding, and with all the roots in the zone it lead to a frustrating time.

  2. Squirle /

    Other, No i’m Vip for now. Not convinced ill use it beyond 2 characters.

  3. Dragonwitch /

    I’m sorry that happened to you, Barnabras. I voted other because I have a Lifetime account, but I haven’t experienced any of those problems. The zone and story have been a really fun, smooth gameplay experience. I’m just now finishing the last slayer deed, and will be turning my attention to the Epic Book 6 quests and the new instances. My kin has run Sammath Gul (the featured instance of the week) at both level 100 and 105 Tier 1 and Tier 2. So overall, in my opinion, this is a great update!

  4. Rucagorn of Evernight /

    Lifetime so no need to buy! But loving new update, book was epic, and the landscape is outstanding, the Druedain City and the Beacons are awesome (still have other zones to visit)

  5. Southy /

    I’m an admitted altaholic so I have plenty to do right now. I’m going to wait a bit even though I have several of my level 100’s who are able to easily move right into the new zone. I want the bugs to be worked out and for it to thin out some before I spend much time in it. I’m admittedly hoping it will go on sale in the next few weeks as well. With so much to do (on my other toons and filling in the blanks on my 100’s) there just isn’t a great need for me to rush on in when I can wait and probably get it on sale as well.

  6. If there was an instance-only option I might go for it, so I could run instances with my kinnies. But other than that … I’m in it for the epic story and landscape at this point, neither of which require me to buy the zone. 😛

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