Pelennor Fields – First Impressions


Pelennor Fields starts right where Update 17 left off with Gandalf.  He quickly sends us on in search of the Rohirrim.  On the way we find the Woses and give them aid so that they can help the Rohirrim through the forest.

We have had the monotony of the same type of quests for several zones now.  Update 18 breaks that by giving us new quests surrounding the Woses that feel fresh.  The quests really feel tailored to the new race in a way we have not really felt since the Shire.

The environment also feels like something we have never really seen.  The forest has new assets and the Woses have a new style of structures.  While that doesn’t sound like much, it actually makes Update 18 feel like something new and exciting.

With that being said, Pelennor is more expensive than previous areas.  However, based on my hour of gameplay, I personally think that the original story and landscape in Update 18 might be worth the cost.  This is a fresh update that revives LOTRO from the rut some players found themselves in.

If you want to see my impressions of the rest of the zone, you can watch my commentary series as I make my way through Pelennor Fields.

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What do you think of Pelennor Fields so far?  Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Well I have much worse opinion about new areas.

    Quests in new zones are very, very boring, (bring flowers, kill 5 enemies, find sheeps in 3 different distant places, shoe horses, wash banner… ugh… real hero content, lotro becomes very outdated in their quest design). Only 1 quesline in whole new questpack is interesting, with some story in it and giving the feel that you did something important.. ONE!. It looks like they made a bunch of easy to do create quests without any big story binding them. (I dont count here epic, cause it is free)

    Also travel is again terrible. We spend much too much time traveling from NPC to quest area and back. Also whole Woses area is one huge maze with almost useless map. Riding a horse for 80-90 prc, of game time is not funny. Spending so much time on finding a way too.

    Battle on Pellenor Field is the only thing that defends that update. They really tried to do it epic and taking into account their ancient engine and low resources, they’ve managed. Alas, we don’t have much hero work in this battle if you ignore instances.

    IMO there is no point to buy this questpack if you are not interested with instances.

    But biggest issue in this update is that we were made lvl 105, while there is almost no armors (only from instances with RNG trolling you or quest rewards which is remade armor from Rohan expansion), no recipes (so we are again without top level recipes which becomes standard in Lotro) and dailies to get tokens and vendor some rep rewards (nothing mindblowing) are most awfull I have ever seen in the game and take insane amount of time to do one, cause mobs you have to kill are dispersed on huge area and all hunt them. DA or MT dailies are awsome and full of fun compering with this. It looks like they designed this dailies one day before release.

    Oh, and I was totally shocked that we are rewarded for most quests with level 100 major essences…. very useful when you have armor full of supreme and you soon should change it for 105…

    IMO if they wanted to bring level 105 it should be done around Osgiliath or MT, with released then armors as 105. We now have 4-5 or more sets of armors for 100 and none for 105.

    • Thimbur /

      Yes, the quests are a bit, “Meh”. I thought for a while I was back at Northcotton farmer’s market.

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