LOTRO Academy: 123 – Collections


LOTRO Academy: 123 - Collections

In this episode, Pineleaf teaches Branick, Teriadwyn, and Draculetta all about the Collections Panel in The Lord of the Rings Online™. Thanks for listening.

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  1. Barnabras /

    Getting a early question in. How do you increase orc-craft, and Fell wrought mitigations?

  2. Barnabras /

    What What Whaaaaaat??????? Drac won horses in the Lottery?? I feel deceived. I think Drac is secretly in bed with the villanous RNG.

  3. Barnabras /

    Come on Branick look into the Eye of Sauron!!!! You will like it, just ask Evil Pineleaf.

  4. Meneliel /

    I believe the Summerfest horse/pony was accidentally removed. They then added it to the Farmers’ Faire barter for one token. Easy way to get a cheap horse, or to replace your missing horse. I don’t know if it will still be available this year.

  5. A how to pet pets series is in the planning for Critters series. But first there are some technical issues to be solved for that part.

  6. I noticed I seemed to be missing one horse from each of the festival deeds when the Collections panel came out during a time when I was collecting them religiously, so this might explain that. Of course I suspect a conspiracy since those mounts are only available for mithril coins now typically! Anyone else missing one from any other season besides Spring?
    Also, Orc-Craft and Fell-Wrought mitigations can be improved through the application of Epic Battle points in the Epic Battle trait trees. I believe Epic Battles and The Moors might be the only two places I know of where you are subject to those damage types. (for example, fell-wrought helps with the arrow volleys that shoot over the walls at you in some Battles). I believe those damage types were introduce to the Moors to help out the Creeps that only had Common damage before which was HIGHLY mitigated by Freeps at the time.

  7. I would like emote collection information for creeps. How to get them and animation.

  8. Flosiin /

    Arm Chair designer: Make available to Dracula- Moravia herald, Red Skeleton Druggavar (black goat) and cosmetic pet bats.

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