LOTRO Players News Episode 145: Elda is Great


This week we go over news leading to Update 18’s release.

Blooper video here.

Game News

Update 18 Delayed 24 Hours

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LOTRO Players News

Community Events: April 8th-14th

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  • Released Episode 3 of Middle-earth Lore
  • Finished the ‘new’ Minas Tirith quests
  • (Bingo Boffin Spoiler Alert) Hunted for like a half hour for the silly Bingo trinket until someone helped me
    • Literally walked right past the silly log at least 2 times



  • Started a new trend for crafting on Free 2 Play stream: PVP for ore nodes.  Herald fight club anyone?
  • ProTip: Haudh Valandil is a great place to work on Evendim’s Limrafn slayer deed, and spirits aiding Angmar as well.
  • Took the Beardkissers into the Lone Lands — Wild Flower can tell us more about that expedition.



  • Yelled at Karv a lot. uhm… yeah.
  • Spiders… *shudder*
  • Used LOTRO as a stress relief tool, as killing mobs is more societally acceptable than killing people.



  • Discovered the dwarven drinking song in a rare perusal of the forums.
  • Challenge mini finished Wildermore quests and that bit of the epic, has made it to western Rohan and level 89.
  • Took the Tuesday remnants (after Karv and WildFlower abandoned us) on a level 100 5-man romp through Sammath Gul.



  • Last week was Spring Break so warg time – finally hit rank 10!
  • Final Bingo Boffin LOTROstream – Aratiny hit lvl 83 and is working through the Wildermore epic quests
  • Getting Twitch.tv/SignumU set up & my characters into the Mythgard Kinship on Landroval



  • T3 Skirmish raids: Way of Smiths and Pony (in the latter, Heathstraw misbehaved)
  • Ran many a skirmish
  • Ran a few quests in Minas Tirith to get ready for the update.


News Beyond LOTRO

Middle-earth Video Highlights: Diggy Diggy Hole

Moot of the Week

Topic: What are the pros and cons of Hobbits?


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MKJP_2014 writes: — Karvett can read and answer as I had to do this in the past few months.

“Greetings LOTRO Players!!!!
Thank you for the LOTRO players news!!! I love the show and just now thought of asking you a question, as I am exhausted of looking online. I am not really a new player to LOTRO as this will be my second year this December. I already have two character at cap (well, at least the current cap =)) so I have experienced most of the game by now. However, there is one thing that I really don’t understand. That is Hytbold. In particular, how do you unlock the other classes’ armour so that you can pass it on to other alts? If you could explain how these quests in Hytbold work I would be most appreciative. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this note!!! Have an awesome day!!
MKJP_2014 Gladden Champ”

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    Glad to have finally heard the show. I was busy schooling a close minded “Free” person on the finer points of Evil. By the way, your next toon should be Creepnick, an orc from the seedy underbelly of Dale (you know who you are). Anyway great show.

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