Poll: What Are You Looking Forward to Most With Update 18?


What are you looking forward to most with Update 18?

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  1. Lifthil /

    I’m most looking forward to the new instances and raids, as I really like doing difficult content with people in my kinship.

    I am least looking forward to another essence grind. Hopefully level 105 essences will be less expensive and less RNG-dependent than level 100 essence have been. Hopefully the changes to avoidance mean morale essences will have reduced demand and reduced cost. Both morale and avoidance essences need a reliable method of acquisition, such as crafting and/or bartering.

    As I write this, “Increased Essences” has exactly zero votes. I think this demonstrates how unpopular the level 100 implementation of the essence grind turned out to be.

  2. Linda /

    I mostly want lag reduction… But since I highly doubt that would happen, the storyline is most anticipated

  3. Southy /

    To be honest I’ve been hoping for some new crafting recipes but I haven’t seen them mentioned anywhere (and I haven’t taken the time to participate in the beta to know for sure). It has been somewhere around 6 months and STILL no recipes for zircon shards. Ugh it makes no sense.

  4. Sam Burke /

    THE WOSES!!!

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