Poll: Do You Like Imbued Weapons?


A big thanks to Goblinbane for suggesting this week’s poll!

Do you like imbued weapons?

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  1. I love the idea of no more need to constantly replace your legendary. I have what I want and I get to keep it…as to the grind end game is all about the grind and Lotro’s grind is not as bad as some of the other games out there…even though there’s a lot who would disagree with me.

  2. Flosiin /

    I like them. But…My Captain imbued two 2nd agers and then leveled them up a lot. Several months later, got two 1st agers, imbued and leveled up. What do I do with the 2nd agers? No way to deconstruction and I don’t want to throw away. Now I have 2 LI slots tied up that could be used to level up other LI’s.

  3. I loved to imbue
    in Diablo 2.
    (This is a rhyme,
    so it’s fine.)

  4. Marmi /

    You have to throw away, no other way to get rid of them. A dev said imbued LIs are your ‘friends’, they should level with you so no reason to throw away.
    I wonder why you made 1st agers, because 2nd agers just need more scrolls/crystals but can reach same stats/legacies as 1st agers (unless for cosmetic reasons or something like that).

  5. Bellandora /

    My highest character is 58 so I haven’t gotten to imbued weapons yet.

  6. I absolutely love the idea of a weapon that grows with you.The constanr deconstructing and rebuilding of LI was terrible, so its good to have imbued weapons now. On my alt that I am leveling now, I don’t even use relics or spend points on my legacies, because I know that when I’m done I am ready for my next one. So inbue = good 🙂

    Why not do a thing like that with armour too. I have a good set of armour now, but when the level cap raises to 105 (so not necessary imo), I have to get a whole new set, new essences, lotta grind… for just 5 levels!!! I am now thinking… it’s good, I stay with my level 100 armour, I’m fine. But I know I want on-level armour eventually.

  7. Lifthil /

    “I don’t like them because I lost legacies I liked” was my answer because my guardian should be able to hit as many targets as the DPS classes I’m trying to protect, period. If they either gave us +5 targets as a passive trait or tied the extra targets to the Area Effect Skill Damage imbued legacy (or some other equally effective solution), my answer would change to “I like them in general, but there should be less grind.”

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