New Instruments/Revamp for U19


Please note: The following post was an April Fool’s joke and is not real.

ScreenShot00501Yes folks! It is true! I have recently been putting out polls on what people have on their wishlist for new additional instruments. Well, looks like a number of them are coming true!

It has been quite some time since we acquired the new Lute of Ages and Misty Mountain Harp. Due to public requests, a new range of instruments are coming.

Will be available via Bullroarer after U18 is released

What should we be expecting you ask?

There have been another of instruments that so many have called for.

  1. Luharpa: The first of all, many have asked for a real sustained strings type of instrument. Well, Turbine wants to maintain instruments that are part of LOTR lore, this one of which you see in the new Hobbit movie. This will be the combination of a violin and a cello allowing for note ranges for both instruments to allow for the inclusion of them in songs. It was originally thought to have two separate ones, but decided to combine to one instrument.
  2. Iron Bell: Finally a real bell with the note and octave range to play songs like the Carol of the Bells
  3. Kanza: A standup style instrument horizontal key+bag instrument played like a piano but using air bags, and will be an instrument replicating sounds of an Organ.
  4. Shobone: A new horn to help replicate sounds of a Trumpet as the existing “Horn” is being readjusted more Like the French Horns and Saxaphones.
  5. Grand Drum: A new bass style drum is being added. Appearance wise, it looks like a horizontal larger version of the regular drum, and sitting on the ground.

Instrument Bag: Instruments have cluttered up bag for so many years as most Minstrels carry so many. A new bag, with an initial slots of 6 will be added for all Minstrels as part of the main tool bar. It can only hold instruments, whether basic instruments or crafted. Additional slots can be unlocked for Turbine points.

MaxPlayingSounds: They are being doubled to 128 for a great depth

Layering: There are plans to expand upon the issues with note layering to allow for a wider range of note usage.

Say Bug: Once and for all the /say bug will be fixed. Should no longer have an issue with losing say.

/playstart sync Bug: It was recently reported that there was a syncing issue when starting a synced song. This is being corrected.

Missing Notes: A number of instruments are missing ranges of notes. It is planned to fine tune these missing notes since lower sound qualities are an issue, the MaxPlayingSounds is being increased.

Looking forward to the new changes coming live!


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    Bold letters are so bold 😀

  2. Apri Foolses?

  3. Say Bug: Once and for all the /say bug will be fixed. Should no longer have an issue with losing say.

    It was believable up to this point. 😛

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