April Fools’ Day Article Roundup


Hopefully by now most of you have realized that many of today’s articles on LOTRO Players were jokes.  April Fools’ Day was always special on CSTM, rest in peace, and LOTRO Players has carried on the tradition.  We hope that you enjoy the articles and have a great April Fools’ Day.

This year’s April Fools’ Day articles on LOTRO Players:

Critters leaks – New Critter battle system post Update 18 by Squirle

The Rift Instance Revamp Announced by Andang

LOTRO to Update Character Models in U18 by Braxwolf

Turbine Purchased by Disney in Landslide Deal; Creates The Lords of Toontown Online by Kingtag

Poems of the Pine: Help from Lórien by Pineleaf

Dev Diary: Imbued Starter Areas by Zyngor

New Instruments/Revamp for U19 Forte Maestro

The Family Line by Tim

Highlights from 2015:

LOTRO to Unveil Super Mega Server by Braxwolf

Lalia’s Market Closes, Town Celebrates by Zyngor

Super Unofficial LOTRO Update 41.15 Patch Notes by Zyngor

New Cosmetic Pet: Balrog by Teriadwyn

The Family Line Part 38 by Tim

Highlights from 2014:

Introducing: Warhobbits! by Zyngor

LOTRO to Revert to Subscription-Only Model by Braxwolf

Highlights from 2012:

Adventures of Bilbo Expansion Announced by Andang  (originally posted on CSTM)

A big thanks to everyone for the articles and comments!

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