Poems of the Pine: Drums in the Deep


Pinesong on Stage

Sometimes, things just don’t go the way you hope.

Book 5 – Drums in the Deep

Bróin did beg
That we bury the axe
For it carried a curse
Both cruel and sweet.
But Bori was sure
The silvered axe
Would instead do harm
To the hordes of orcs.
He led a raid
To rout the orcs
From the mighty hold
Where Mazog dwelt.
But Gorothúl gave
A grievous blow
So in Zabagathol
Zigilburk was lost.
We fled the halls
That felled our plans
To warn the dwarves
Of war and fire.
We must protect
The targets three
From the hordes of orcs
That harry our steps.
We defended the Deep-way
And the forges did save
Then turned to the Twenty-first Hall.
Our foes we stopped
But to stamp them out
We must call for elven aid.

Will the elves help the dwarves in their battle against the orcs?

Pineleaf Needles

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