LOTRO Players News Episode 143: Mithril Kiss


This week we talk about more Update 18 news.

Game News

Update 18.2 Raid Instance Info

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Free Sample Of The Week March 25th – 31st

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  • Beorning Class
  • Rune-keeper Class
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LOTRO Players News

Community Events: March 25-31

LOTRO 1 Year VIP Code Giveaway

LOTRO Academy: 121 – Review: Mines of Moria Pt. 5

A plea to reverse the trending damage to Burglar playability

Tales of the Free Folk Episode 13: The Fire

The Ninny Hammers on the Greenfields Perform: Jajax the Knife

The Ninny Hammers Perform: Oh Girl

The Family Line Part 85

Small LOTRO Adventures Episode 45

A Critters Journey Part 16

Poems of the Pine: Fire and Water


New Player Question

Generally or specifically, what is the best strategy for a ranged player supporting a melee character?

Ex. I’ve been advised, when playing with a guardian, to never be between him and the mobs of mobs he rounds up; instead, stay behind him.





  • Played the Tarlang Crown golf course for the first time
  • Skirmed irresponsibly with the Grrlz to clean up on marks and medallions
  • Discovered a whole bunch of quests in Nan Curunir that Glordriel never did–no wonder she doesn’t have kindred with Theodred’s riders!



  • The Beardkissers bought a home, decorated it, and decided it was about time to head back to the Shire to see about Bingo’s next wild adventure.
  • Worked like crazy in RL on a server, in the down time leveled a LM on my F2P account to 30, earned enough TP to take advantage of the current Char slot sale.
  • Have to learn not to play a mini as a tank… flop, hobbit, flop!



  • Did an outfitting stream on Sunday, then ran “other champion” around Moria working on the epic storyline, ran across Druidsfire’s Kyriana who was a couple of steps ahead of him!
  • Landroval!Teriadwyn ran some of the around-Minas-Tirith quests with Maven and others when Karv bailed on us Tuesday. Still can’t do the dailies, but getting closer.
  • Arkenstone!Teriadwyn did some Enedwaith questing during the field trip, has almost finished the quest deeds (needed because of gated swift-travel).



  • Bingo Boffin
  • Leveled through Rohan and gained 5 levels
  • More Update 18 videos



  • Gondamon with regular Sunday group where Mathi decides to make it interesting
  • Bullroarer skirmish tests
  • Video Beorning reached level 90


News Beyond LOTRO

Middle-earth Video Highlights: The Last Goodbye

Ren: The Girl with the Mark – Episode 4


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  1. The amount of xp you get from the task boards is too low for this time. Been such a long time since i found the xp or rep worth it for characters that i’d bother with the rep. That and the Bree chestnut street is soo far from the taskboards.

  2. Sounds basically what they did with Carn Dum.

  3. Kaleigh Starshine /

    Great show, everyone! 🙂

    Maybe I should clarify my article about Burglars a bit. Watching the preview videos for the new instances, it is very clear that no one enjoys their character getting stunned all that often 🙂

    When you have no skills available to use, you are effectively ‘stunned’ as far as combat goes. More and more, Burglars are having times when they have no skills available to them to use, as nearly half of our combat skills are gated behind critical hits. With the new partial avoidance rules coming, these times will increased dramatically. Without the battle jewelry that gives us a higher critical chance, they will be increased all the more.

    You cannot trust in ‘rotations’ as a Burglar because you are going to find many of your crucial skills unavailable when you need them. It just is not very fun sitting there doing nothing, waiting for a skill to come off of cooldown and hoping you get a critical hit with it.

    This is an issue for Quiet Knife Burglars over the other two lines due to place of play. Mischief-maker is extremely slooooow, and will never have this issue. Gambler is slower and has more options. Quiet Knives can go through 5 skills in two seconds, and if you have not scored a critical hit with them, you are loitering until you get another chance at one 🙂

    • Posting this as Squirle. Not as CJ. But i dont remember those logings :).

      Burglars have been relegated backwards ever since conjunctions made a step back in importance (they are fun, but a real pain on casual/pug going for T2 stuff).

      Ever since Big Battles came into being they had it worse. Only thing besides a burglar in your lower then perfect BB group might be rk. Damn those inductions. Atleast those have aoe. I’ve hated their directional damage. My burglar was the last char to get to the 100 treatment. And that stopped right when he dinged.

      When you consider any class to be your main attentuion point burglar i can stealth past quest mobs being a big upside has been reduced to nothing when you can just swing-swing-swoosh on most chars. That being another point of discussion.

      Burgs are just really low on the usefull ladder besides that draigoch raid at this point in lotro. I’m not sure how they even begin to remedy that. Burglars original 2009 playstyle are just completely mismatched with lotro default playstyle. (Feeling nostalgic about those 6-man GS Burglar runs they could pull off in Moria with me a hunter lf a party.)

  4. Barnabras /

    May I be so bold as to suggest Task board anywhere for VIP? Work it the same way as mail anywhere but for the TB. Wouldn’t that be the best?

    • On Critter Journey. Wern’t you happy with the twist? Had a bit of a writers block on how to connect the lynx ghost story to the next story arc. Over the last 2 days that has been remedied. Got the screenshots done for this week and the write-up for 10’ish episodes :P. We’re not going anywhere.

      Also the “secret stuff” required a lot of coordinating to get it ready to reveal.

  5. Flosiin /

    For the new player question about range classes:
    One thing melee classes won’t like is two range classes playing ping pong with a mob. The melee person(s) is running back and forth to get the mob as the range people are swapping aggro with each other.

    You can stand way back from a mob and pew pew like crazy. But if you get aggro, and the tank/melee is busy with a bunch of mobs already, they are not going to run to you to grab aggro back. You’ll have to run back to them and see if they can get aggro back or hope you can survive.
    Also in this scenario, if you’re at max distance, you might also be out of range of the healer. No heals for you!
    When I’m on my hunter, I’m just out of range of most aoe damage and very near the healer to help cover them. That way I can make an attempt to kill/trap/lay decoys/aggro mob that’s going for the healer. Also, if I get aggro in this spot, I can run a few steps forward and be in range of the melee so they can get aggro back.

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