Poems of the Pine: Fire and Water


Pinesong on Stage

We search for an axe and find more.

Book 4 – Fire and Water

To avoid the failure
That fell on Balin
A plan we’ll need
To prepare for war.
We must scout the halls
And scrounge for bars
And supply our stores
Lest we starve within.
Yet hope is found
In the fateful book
For it spoke of a weapon
Of especial might.
We searched the plaques
Placed at the doors
In the Water Works
Where the Watcher dwells.
We opened the doors
And delved inside
Into the dark and dank
And dangerous realm.
We opened gates
And gredbyg fought
Till we found Bróin
And the fairest axe.
Then the waters roiled
As the watcher returned
For we found the foul beast’s lair.
We drove away
The dreadful beast
And freed the famished Bróin.

Now that we have Zigilburk, what do we do with it?

Pineleaf Needles

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