LOTRO Academy: 121 – Review: Mines of Moria Pt. 5


LOTRO Academy: 121 - Review: Mines of Moria Pt. 5

In this episode, Branick, Teriadwyn, and Pineleaf wrap up our multi-episode review series on The Lord of the Rings Online™: Mines of Moria, the first expansion pack to be released for LOTRO. Part 5 is focused on the various options for purchasing the content, our conclusions on Moria as a whole, and our listener-favorite Armchair Designer segment. Thanks for listening.

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  1. Barnabras /

    Ok I looked it up, In “The Letters of Tolkien” Letter 135 Tolkien discusses with the publisher the price of the book. Rayner Unwin says it would be 3 pounds 10s. For some reason the price would be higher to publish 2 books. In the letter Tolkien discusses the high price of the book. In letter 136 the price for each book was set at 21 Shillings. I didn’t see any specific reason other than the high price.

  2. Barnabras /

    Durin’s beard is way too expensive to buy in one piece. You have to buy the mushtache, and then the rest of the beard is split in half. It’s the only way you could afford it. There is a beard shortage in Lotro because all the hipsters are wearing them.

  3. Concerning the Expansion Quad Park (Moria, Mirkwood, Isengard and Rohan), it is often advised to wait for the seasonal sales when it is regularly at 75% off making it a really good price for all that content. For example on your own site last summer sale 2015 article it includes the deal. http://lotroplayers.com/2015/06/11/35549/ I believe it is also offered at this price via the LOTRO Store too at these times. The next one will probably be around the next Anniversary.

  4. Ok, I think it is time to move onto other topics, before Teri loses it. I am starting to get suspicious that she might be a little bit tired of talking about Moria five episodes in.
    However, addressing that point. I did leave a comment on Pt-2 that I think was offered too late to be included in the next show that I thought was apropos to mention here:

    I appreciate all the in-depth Moria knowledge, but one side of the story you are neglecting is the vocal minority in the game that loves the zone and thinks it is the most amazing part of the game. In fact, it my is my favorite setting in any game I have ever played, A masterpiece of imaginative lore and architecture and I know I am not the only player in the game that feels this way. I get that you appreciate it, but are in general not fans and I can understand that point of view, just thought it was worth acknowledging that not everyone in the game feels that way and people should make up their own minds… I am pretty confident you agree, but that doesn’t always come across in the podcast with all of the comments about getting through it as quickly as possible and getting back out in the fresh air finally! It is definitely a divisive issue..akin to Angmar in that respect…

    Cheers and Regards, a Humble Dwarf who loves his home,

    Braag of Vilya

    P.S. – One offering for the Armchair designer segment. Moria is rife with quests as you have mentioned previously, especially surrounding the instance cluster which in my mind are amongst the most imaginative, diverse and fun in the game, but the way the quests are structured for the instances in a three tiered hierarchy will REALLY clog up your quest log if you are serious about completing them. If you are accepting all the instance related quests while waiting for an opportunity to come up to get them completed (often requiring multiple runs to do so), you can literally have scores of quests in progress and run into a lot of trouble finding room to accept general PvE quests for the area without cancelling them out and having to start over. I remember it being a real hassle for any completionist characters trying to clean out the zone. or just maximize rewards for any particular instance you want to run. It could really use some restructuring or maybe just add 10-15 additional quest slots to the expansion pack to provide more flexibility and value.

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