LOTRO Players News Episode 142: Fancy Pirate Hats


This week we have tons of news since Update 18 released on the beta server.

Game News

Far Anórien – Update 18 Beta Videos

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Community Events March 18th-24th

LOTRO 1 Year VIP Code Giveaway

Poll: What Race Do You Play the Most?

LOTRO Academy: 140 – Review: Mines of Moria Pt. 4

LOTRO Video Highlights: The Legend of Townsfolk

Small LOTRO Adventures Episode 44

The Family Line Part 84

A Critters Journey Part 15





  • Filmed Update 18 preview videos



  • I met Ghan Buri Ghan!!!!!



  • I was repeatedly stalked by Baugarch, the vicious Warg of the Chetwood, until I had enough and then wrecked his world at level 13 on my Lore Master.



  • Saryssa got punted off the side of the tower when the Tuesday group ran Sammath Gul.



  • Demonstrated to the Mythgard group why Golodir doesn’t deserve to be rescued


News Beyond LOTRO

Ren: The Girl with the Mark – Episode 3

Tolkien’s Middle-earth Comes to Dungeons and Dragons 5e


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  1. Quick Comment. Turbine have said that raid will be an expanded and upgraded version of a epic story instance that will release as part of update 18 (but the raid itself will be with 18.2).
    It seems to be a raid “design choice” that is similar to how the Lothlorien 3-mans of Nala-dum and Lumul-Nar was done. Cool detail that Vyveanne mention was the keyword of “bosses” that indicates that it will NOT be a lair raid like the Erebor instances.

    • Also…. Bilbo is a Burglar, but all Burglars are NOT Bilbo. Plus hobbits (which Burglars are mostly focused towards) are actually known as adept archers, with many of the dedicated warriors to north during the time of Arnor were regiments of talented bowmen.

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