LOTRO 1 Year VIP Code Giveaway


Thanks to supporters on Patreon, I am giving away a LOTRO 1 Year VIP code.

You can enter the giveaway here.


  1. Arodec /

    Yay, awesome!

  2. Barnabras /

    Hopefully I get the Drac count.

  3. Awesome Stuff 🙂

    • I can’t reply to the post at this link. The only Reply buttons I see are to reply to other comments. I noticed that most replies there are also replies to other comments, so I wonder if this is a comment issue? Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!!

    • Disregard! I just realized the option to reply is a the bottom of the page rather than the end of the post. Thanks!

  4. Lets do this

  5. Zaghu /

    Fingers crossed 😛

  6. Neltil /

    Yay another chance!

  7. Zephrin /


  8. Cambruin /

    Hey Andang, posted a question there, but it’ll soon be buried in a sea of comments, so I’ll try my luck here 🙂 Are you continuing the Lore of Middel Earth video series? Really liked the first 2 episodes, wouldn’t mind 22 more 😉

  9. good luck all

  10. Riwizgun /

    Heya Andang i’m watching you since 2014 haha i love the Lotro videos you are my favorite we talked a few times on yt when you were live. I have a 56 LM on Brandywine but i did 56 without VIP…all f2p but i want to continue the journey so i need vip xD. Good Luck everyone!

  11. Arwand /

    hey i really would like to win

  12. Jackson Adoryan /


  13. Halitomi /

    Thanks the chance. Good luck to everybody !

  14. Good Luck Everyone!!!!

  15. bonsoir et bonne chance a tous !!!!!

  16. Nikola /

    hope i get it!

  17. Krista Polman /


  18. Would be excellent . . . I totally neeeed it…

  19. Gondegal /

    Nice one

  20. Thanks for the opportunity for someone to win. 🙂

  21. Thanks for all

  22. Nireas /

    good luck to all! lotro is the best f2p mmo!

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