LOTRO Players News Episode 141: Frozen in the Video Headlights


This week we didn’t have much news so we talked about Ents instead.

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LOTRO Players News

Community Events: March 11th-17th

LOTRO Academy: 119 – Review: Mines of Moria Pt. 3

Tales of the Free Folk Episode 12

The Family Line Part 83

Critters Casual: Accounts Guide

Critters Casual: Help, I Want a Horse

Small LOTRO Adventures Episode 43

A Critters Journey Part 14


New Player Question

A little more detail on populating our trait lines, please.





  • Worked on Episode 3 of Middle-earth Lore (Maven says YAY!!!)
  • Streamed Bingo Leveling
  • Enjoyed this week’s Bingo Boffin quest



  • Topped out the levels on both imbued weapons thanks to the MT endgame instances
  • Left lots of messes around Osgiliath with another yellow line hunter (Yellow line rules!!)
  • Poor Tarondil got his ego shredded in Mirkwood by a little red-haired minstrel girl.



  • Finished Lone Lands deeding while serial watching TV episodes. My new favorite way to deed.
  • Played tourist in Bree: met the mayor, went shopping at Lalia’s signed up for a Barrow Downs Archeological Excursion with the Beardkissers.
  • 4 hour Inopae F2P Angmar stream this morning with guests and 2 levels gained.  Kinda getting tired of Angmar’s music.



  • Challenge mini leveled up 10 levels this week! She’s at level 82, way overleveled in Rohan and re-learning mounted combat all over again.
  • Successfully led the Academy field trip through Haudh Valandil! Goldilocks and Three Bears (with a couple of hobbit extras)
  • Dusted off the hobbit guardian Fauxriadoc and ran around with Maven’s Fauxregrin to get their initial LIs and open up Moria.



  • During a T3 raid run of Assault on the Ringwraiths’ Lair, we faced double Priests.
  • Attempted a solo run of the raid version of Breaching the Necromancer’s Gate
  • Ran three different versions of this week’s Bingo Boffin quest


News Beyond LOTRO

Middle-earth Video Highlights: The Silmarillion Trailer

Ren: The Girl with the Mark – Episode 2

Moot of the Week

Topic: What are the pros and cons of Ents?


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Trotter writes:

“Why in Eastern Gondor, do beasts not drop the hides they are named after?

Just killed an Anórien Buck and it dropped an Eorlingas Hide, why not an Anórien Hide?

This is hugely frustrating as a Tier 10 Tailor, and if you have Anórien Hides and don’t need them may be a good time to AH them for Gold as they are much harder to get than any other Tier 10 crafting items.

But any ideas on how to farm them?


Ben writes:

“Greetings and well met my fellow Lotroians.

I am here today seeking knowledge from the masses of Lotro players like yourselves and those you reach out to every week.

I am going to leave out the class I was playing for I am embarrassed enough and don’t want to be judged further.

I am more of a solo player than group player over all.  So, if I survive a fight I figure I must be doing something right.  Right?

When out adventuring there are times that I can hold my own fighting against 3 or more mobs at or slightly above my level.

This is what happened that brings me here to my favorite Lotro podcast seeking help.

I was out questing and deeding trying to pick up a few extra TP Points (which we all know one can always use) when I was asked to join a PUG.

Before accepting I explained I was new to this class and wasn’t sure how I would do in a group.  

I was still accepted and off we went to the instance.  Once there we held our own at first but then we wiped.  I have died before and I will die again many times and I accept and expect this but these guys flipped out and tossed me from the group saying learn my class.

After going through mixed emotions of being pissed off and embarrassed I wanted to do just that and learn a bit more about my class so off to the forums I went looking for redemption.  Of  course all I could find was guides for level 100.  No help there, so many abilities that I don’t even have yet.  Or I would find a guide that was so outdated.

If I am doing abilities wrong at levels 20-40 and not knowing they are wrong, it’s going to be even worse at higher  levels.  Is there help out there anywhere for newer class players like me?

Thanks for letting me vent a little and for any help you and your listeners can provide.

Ben (Arkenstone)”

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  1. Thanks for the fast reply and for pointing me in the right direction.
    Great tips (kinship, tooltips, and running with The Academy).

    Thanks for pointing out how they were Jerks.
    Not letting them keep me from having fun.
    Looking forward to grouping with a fellowship and trying again.

    Will keep looking for ways to improve, yes I will die and die again but as long as I am learning and having fun I will get over it.

    • If you join a kin, don’t feel as if you have to stay if they don’t fit your play style. I’ve gone through a few. Best wishes! I’m still learning yellow line LoreMaster with a great group. I feel bad when I can’t make the group night

  2. I’d love to see a roundtable for classes. I understand the demands of getting everyone sync’d up.

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