Poll: What Race Do You Play the Most?


A big thanks to Barnabras for suggesting this week’s poll!

What race do you play the most?

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  1. Louni /

    I had to put other, since I play my dwarf Mini, my elf Hunter, and my man Captain, pretty much equally. Easier question for me to answer is my least played race. That would be my neglected Beorning, and my Hobbit Burg. Both level 100, but been parked for about a year.

  2. I would like to state “for the record” that I play… dwarves. Just saying, in case anyone is wondering…. Sadly, we are a minority on most servers though, something that should be rectified really, urgently in fact. Hence… a shameless shout-out/plug to anyone out there that has an interest to be part of on all-dwarf RP kinship. Join your brothers and sisters (yes, we’ve got a few sisters too, though most men wouldn’t be able to tell the difference naturally *rolls his eyes*) contact Kandral of the kinship of Durin’s Folk on Laurelin! #Roll that dwarf today!#

  3. Barnabras /

    I feel an Uruk surge coming on! Let’s go super orc!!

  4. Next poll should be “What class do you play the most?”…

  5. Lsuman /

    Please note: While I chose Man because that is the character I am currently playing the most (and the one I created first, hence the name), it is not my favorite race, which would be Dwarf. Up with Dwarves! Down with elves! Naugrim! Naugrim!

  6. Southi /

    Hobbits the most by a slight margin, although I play man, dwarf and beorning as well. Definitely Elf the least. The only toon I’ve ever even consider deleting (which I did). The race of elf just never seemed “right” to me.

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