Critter casual – a quick guide to F2P/Vip accounts and content


A small quick reference guide to the different kind of accounts. What are you, how do i get it and what is the point of being a specific account.

Lotro has a few different account types. But after a little while most players will settle in what is called a “premium” account.  When you create your account on the lotro main website your account will be classified as a Free 2 play account. Mostly referred to as a F2P account.Afterwards if you decide to spend real world cash your account will go to either premium or VIP.

Account types

LOTRO identifies three different subscription levels (F2P, Premium, and VIP), but there are really four. In any case, it is more useful to divide Premium into two different categories: Baby Premium and Super Premium. Concerining hobbits How to be a Smart LOTRO F2P/Premium Consumer (by Rozalinde)

  1. F2P (Free-to-Play): Has never spent a cent on anything in the game.
  2. Baby Premium (upgrade from F2P): has spent real world money on the game, but has never been VIP
  3. Super Premium (downgrade from VIP): was once VIP, but canceled subscription.
  4. VIP: holds a subscription for the game.

A large summary of the more detailed differences is available in the above link. Last updated in 2014. But the account type difference still hold up.

Account1Access to content

A vip has access to all the non-expansion pack content there is in the game. He won’t have to buy it, but he also can’t. It’s possible to miss that awesome sale on that region or questpack you really wanted in the in-game store. You can still buy expansion and starterpacks in out of lotro stores.

A F2P or premium has to buy content beyond a certain point. Either with Turbine points in the in-game store or cash out of game.

What can i access for free?

  • Bree, Shire and Ered luin area’s
  • Lone Lands quest pack (levels 20-30)
  • Epic Story (all volumes; zones the player hasn’t purchased can be accessed but non-epic content will be unavailable)
    • Turbine tied the Helms Deep expansion epics into the bought content (not free)
  • Legendary Items (upon completion of the necessary epic quest)

More specifics will be discussed in a later guide

What content is smart to buy?

This depends on a lot of factors that each person will have to decide for themself.  It all depends on what you want to spend, where and how. They will feature in a plenty of future guides to help you make that choice. But for now.

At the top is always content as they give TP’s back in your pockets. Secondly is the riding trait for a mount and the gold cap removal. Concerning content it’s an easy Evendim and after 50 the expansions. The 40 to 50 range is usually covered by Angmar and Forochel, but a lot of people disagree on those and prefer other regions.

What’s next?

Next guide will focus on your first mount or horse. After that we’ll focus what kind of account you’ll want and which non-content you’ll want to get after that. Inbetween those i’ll post about which regions would be wise to get if you want to go quickly or saviour that rich story bouillion in the ME soup.





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  1. It would be nice if they offered VIP access at different levels. I would enjoy supporting the game for about $3-5 dollars a month even if you only got something like remote mail access or swift travel routes. I don’t really want to pay more and then get some of it back as TP.

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