Poems of the Pine: The Lord of Moria


Pinesong on Stage

It is time for us to attack the wrong target.

Book 3 – The Lord of Moria

The Twenty-first Hall
Was teaming with dwarves
Who strove to strengthen
Their stretch of the mines.
A battered book
We found in the ruins
That bore the fate
Of Balin’s folk.
To avoid their fate
We must find some dwarves
To purge the Halls
Of the Hand of White.
Few joined the raid
But we ridded the mines
Of Ashpar who ruled
The Redhorn Lodes.
Victory was ours,
We vanquished the Hand
But they were not the main threat.
Mazog did rule
The Moria orcs
And he was the Bane of Balin.

Now that we know of Mazong, what should be do now?

Pineleaf Needles

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