A Critters Journey [12] Swill you listen?



An eerie feeling

After their luxurious stay in Bree the party arrived to a lesser known inn. A small run-down establishments that clearly had seen better days. The decor is ghastly and the butter on the spread so thin on their lunch it could be mistaken for a ghost. One of those places you’d wonder how the owner stayed afloat for all these years. Surely the place must get a ton of summer tourists that come by to see the nearby ruins. George meets one of the patrons Adwold. He looks as broken as his savings account must be with his bar tab. The other patrons mostly ignore him, but George has an eerie feeling about this forsaken inn that he also had at their memorial for the cart driver.


This episode is the first in a small story arc that rides along the party to Isengard. As the group travels through the Lone Lands most of those episodes will be more tied into this arc then the overlaying storyline. While wrapping up this episode this morning i realised the teaser i put out in the twitterpost is only here in spirit.

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  1. Brian Miller /

    Was this on Arkenstone? I was on Arkenstone and I saw this group, I think.. I went to follow along after I went in to turn in a quest (it looked like they were going to stick around a while) and when I came back out, they were gone, unless it was another group with chickens in tow. 😀

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