Poems of the Pine: The Heart of Fire


Pinesong on Stage

The Iron Garrison didn’t find the welcome they expected.

Book 2 – The Heart of Fire

We searched the records
For rumors of old
That spoke of an Axe
Of especial might.
Of mithril it was made,
That majestic ore
That brought the dwarves
To the depths of Moria.
Yet where was it made
And what was its fate?
Could the axe be found
At the forge it was made?
In the Hoard of Words
On weathered sheets
We learned the lore
To unlatch the way.
To find the door
We dared to face
The goblins that lived
And gathered below.
The maps we stole
Did make it clear
That a secret place
Was plundered not.
To the empty spot
We sped at once
And found the forge’s door.
No axe did wait
In the Way of Smiths
But we found the Heart of Fire.

With the ancient forge found, what could stop the dwarves now?

Pineleaf Needles

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