LOTRO Players News Episode 137: LOTRO In Jeopardy?


This week we talk about beacons, hunters and chickens.

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LOTRO on Jeopardy!

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New Player Question

Would you explain what open tapping is, and is there any unwritten etiquette about open tapping on the landscape?





  • Ran the Rescue skirmish on stream twice on Sunday: once with Arkenstone!Teriadwyn and again with the Karvs on Saryssa.
  • Leveled the bear to 32, still doing quests above her level. Still really enjoy Oatbarton.
  • Finally completed Fornost Shadow Wing with the Academy field trip.



  • Trapper-Trapper SO MUCH FUN!!!
  • Glordriel is now a Gondorian Historian
  • Got Warden and Cappie past 60 at Winterfest, now need to backtrack to fill in class quests/deeds



  • My week in lotro is a future week in lotro 😛 Kin party tonight!



  • Woot!  Got Angmar QP on F2P series, found out that Currency Cap unlock is on sale too… more TP grinding to follow.
  • Got a temporary Warsteed on that same F2P account at level 16 on my hunter.
  • Took a Dwarven honeymoon to Edhelion… the Beardkissers were NOT impressed with the accommodations.



  • Was surprised how quickly we are rushing through Mirkwood on Bingo Boffin
  • Lots of Bingo leveling



  • On my Arkenstone hunter, I took a little piece of advice from Teri and used the tracker skill to search for the Goblin-spies in Mirkwood. There are many more of them about than I had through.
  • While running through the Mirkwood expedition, I ran the Daring Rescue quest for the first time I recall.
  • I ran my first Tier 3 Skirmish raids.


Moot of the Week

Topic: What are the pros and cons of the beacons of Gondor?


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Featured Comments

A Critters Journey left a comment on LOTRO Players News Episode 136:

Don’t worry. Or do. There are most episodes planned out. Episode 10-15 are being finished as i type. There we’re some issues with scheduling ahead and changing content in it on a later date. Rescheduling episode 9 hasnt fixed it. So we’ll see what happens in episode 10.

Busy weekends, anniversary chicken run for the 10th episode. Side chicken project (that doesnt involve a chicken side dish). But we’re still on track for weekly episodes for the foreseeable future.


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  1. AnDang and Company, thanks for the mention of light the beacons.com in this weeks episode! You were almost all the way through the skirmish and (being an insecure dwarf),I have to admit that I was starting to become disappointed that nobody had mentioned me thus far, but then you made my day.
    I loved mavens comment about someone scaring the trap out of her, I’ll have to use that one again. Keep up the great work and keep those beacons lit. Cheers, Braag of Vilya

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