Poll: Is the LOTRO Player Base Growing?


Is the LOTRO player base growing?

Is the LOTRO player base growing?

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  1. Bellcaunion /

    I don’t know if it’s alts or new people but I have seen a lot of new characters lately.

    • Entangul /

      Most likely world consolidation. It was dead on many servers before hand. In addition, players having the same name, so they had to change their long beloved name…(I had to change mine on my main)

  2. In World Chat I see a lot of new player questions.

  3. I’m seeing people out questing, in all areas again.

  4. Jason A. /

    A lot of people including myself couldn’t log in earlier because server was full so I think it’s growing.

  5. (•) I hope so (100%, all votes)

  6. Echinacea /

    I think it is growing, but not dramatically. I think the server merge definitely makes it look like there are more players, and I think a lot of old players come back to see how things have changed.

  7. When you look at the amount of layered areas, lag, reduced awareness messages etc., you think it’s growing. When I look at the serverpopulation (http://lux-hdro.de/hdro-live-evernight.php), it’s between 1000 and 1500 on peek hours. And that is exactly the same as before the server merge. Sometimes it peeks at 2000.
    When you go from 29 to 10 servers, the population should be significantly higher, so only conclusion can be, less players.

  8. as raebidus said, i think there are less people playin in total. Thats a shame cause there are lot of new stuff in Lotro in past two years. First new class since 2008, gondor regions, offensive big battle, new instances, new pvmp map nad coming new raid

  9. Torwulf /

    I certainly hope its growing but i think lotro is becoming a bit out dated so not many new players are joining. Not that it matters to me, as long as the game doesn’t shut down then im happy.

  10. I started playing last april, so, there’s growth.

  11. Daantje /

    My kinship has recruited loads of new players lately, and old peeps are coming back. I guess it’s definitely growing!

  12. Shakmelone /

    well im starting now, if there are more like me its growing.

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