A Critters journey [10] – Double Ninny digits


LilikateThe festivities in Bree are coming to a close with the last bands giving their early morning performance. Barliman proclaimed he saved the best for the last. The Ninny Hammers lead luter is related twice from his mother’s side. Family obligations run as deep as their ties.

Anniversary chicken run

With this episode Critters has crossed the road to the double digits. To celebrate this a bit we will be doing a Chicken run to Minas tirith on the 14th. “Will you be my Cluckatine” will start at 18:30 GMT +1/CET on Evernight.

Ninny hammers is a musical band that also features some of their songs on lotroplayers itself. http://lotroplayers.com//?s=ninny%20hammer

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  1. That band looks like a right bunch of pie thieves! Hold on to your lunch Mr Soon!

  2. The Ninny Hammers look awesome!


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