LOTRO Players News Episode 136: From the Chicken’s Beak


This week we are joined by The Tolkien Professor to talk about chickens and a proposal.

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Poems of the Pine: Durin’s Bane

Brax’s memorial pick of the week:  The Saga of Wigend’s Chicken Run http://www.idiosophy.com/2016/02/the-saga-of-wigends-chicken-run/


New Player Question

I am really frustrated trying to select the players in the Frostbluff Theatre who are behind the curtains or hiding in the fake Party Tree. Is there a way to select them?





  • Proposed! (not lotro but really, who cares?)
  • Also, Bingo Boffin


Maven (sure to get Corey all misty)

  • On Glordriel, imbued my second weapon (thank you Chromite!) and am levelling them up with scrolls and runes
  • Continuing to do the end game instances on a daily basis in spite of how frustrating the Cistern one is
  • Levelling up my warden and cappie (now a Feast Beast) at Frostbluff, both are currently 58, going for 60 by the time the festival ends



  • Ran into and from with varying degrees of success – Rare Elite Masters, Roving Threats and impolite Giants
  • Began Vol 3 of the epic with Mrs Karv on stream… had a lot of fun running stuff.
  • Hung out online and in chat with a new crop of LOTRO streamers: Dwarrow, Poppaboom, StineEk including helping Splomono with a new outfit that resulted in his first ever yulefest run with a REALLY nice drop.



  • Skirmish Responsibly, even in history class
  • Switched roles with Pineleaf
  • Bingo Boffin + Elves



  • Saryssa finally achieved the World-Renowned title!
  • Terifluffz did some warging with new Nomzushtar folks, got the drop on a solo guardian in Isendeep Mine who thought he’d found a Teri-snack.
  • New Beorning on Arkenstone! Running only on-level or higher quests.



  • My Arkenstone Beorning struck against Dannenglor and protected Thangulhad.
  • Gladden hunter ran the class quest.
  • Crisk skirms T3 Deep-way and Way of Smiths and many other skirms.



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Glorthedhros writes:

“Dear Teriadwyn, Andang, Maven, Karvett, Aerethert and Pineleaf (I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone!)

I got into LOTRO over Summer last year and discovered your podcast in October. Since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed listening every morning and afternoon on my way to and from school. I’m not sure what I would do without it!

I am afraid that I have a few questions for you regarding the game. I reached level 100 on my Champion (who is my only character right now) about two weeks ago. I have got the Dol Amroth essence gear, got 5000+ might, finished the epic and am working on essences for morale and, when I get to it, mitigations. What do I do then? Do I just work on other characters and wait for the next update? What else can I do? Thanks a ton for making a brilliant podcast!

– Glorthedhros”

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Thanks for listening!



  1. Don’t worry. Or do. There are most episodes planned out. Episode 10-15 are being finished as i type. There we’re some issues with scheduling ahead and changing content in it on a later date. Rescheduling episode 9 hasnt fixed it. So we’ll see what happens in episode 10.

    Busy weekends, anniversary chicken run for the 10th episode. Side chicken project (that doesnt involve a chicken side dish). But we’re still on track for weekly episodes for the foreseeable future.

  2. Draculetta /

    The Tolkien Professor had me at Dracula.. I was like “What What What” He Said Dracula!

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