Poll: Would Ice Fishing be a Good Addition to the Yule Festival?


A big thanks to Manwin for suggesting this poll!

Would ice fishing be a good addition to the Yule Festival?

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  1. Look at Neverwinter’s winter fest events (ice fishing, sliding, sleigh racing etc.). Integrate ’em all into LOTRO! =)

  2. timhedden /

    There’s a Yule festival?!

  3. And gate all the new festival rewards behind the ice-fishing deeds, because that’s always fun. “The More (Gates) the Merrier” /s

  4. NO! A thousand times NO! There’s already enough fishing in the…which is it? Summer fest? Anniversary fest? I get my fill of fishing at that….let’s think of something else to add to Yule….

  5. Rucagorn of Evernight /

    leave the poor nice fishies alone ;D

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