Poems of the Pine: Durin’s Bane


Pinesong on Stage

Before we go forward, we must look back

Canto 2 – The Mines of Moria

Prologue – Durin’s Bane

In the days of Durin
The dwarves did mine
In the kingdom they called
Rich Khazad-dûm.
They mined for mithril,
A metal most light
Yet strong as steel
And stainless as gold.
Yet rumors did ring
Around the land
That little was left
Of the lovely ore.
So elves arrived
To rightly learn
The state of the mines
Where the metal was found.
To end the doubt
Durin announced
That they newly found
A fruitful vein.
But when they opened the shaft
A shaking announced
A blight of old:
A balrog of Morgoth.
On that day
Durin the Sixth
Died in the depths of the delving.
So Khazad-dûm
Was called thenceforth
The malignant Mines of Moria.

With the background set, we will move forward to the arrival of the Iron Garrison.

Pineleaf Needles

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