LOTRO Academy: 116 – Levels 51 to 60


LOTRO Academy: 116 - Levels 51 to 60
In this episode Branick, Pineleaf, Teriadwyn, and Draculetta talk about the process of leveling from 51 to 60 and about aspects of the game that start to need your attention post level 50. Thanks for listening.

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  1. Trotter /

    Branick was asking about this quest on the show, From the patch notes for 17.1 “A Relic in Lumul-nar (Solo) – The final puzzle is no longer required to finish this space in the abridged solo version. Destroying Gorothul’s artifact will now open the path to Ergoth to complete this chapter of the Epic.”

  2. I try to stick it out as long as I can, then make my way “around Moria” – using Lothlorien and Enedwaith instead. With the adjustments to Enedwaith’s level range, it can be an option starting around 55.

    Starbucks Battles… because of the epic grind.

    I’m not sure I’ll ever be convinced to use essences, when new level 100 content in MT consists of cleaning up dinner plates. Don’t need 300% physical mastery when you are playing the “kitchen help” class, and not your actual class. Maybe instead of new essences, they should introduce legendary dish cloths…

  3. Berenthalion /

    Doesn’t ID’ing an LI cost 10 silver? You would need to use 100 to use up 1 gold. You can’t buy anything for 1 gold these days. I can’t help feeling Teri isn’t saving as much gold as she thinks she is.

  4. Pendrakon /

    The higher level the LI, the more it costs to ID and Deconstruct. For example, at level 59, an LI cost 17 silver to ID and 1 silver to Decon. At level 61, it already has risen in cost to 20 silver to ID and 2 silver to Decon. Once you are working with level 100 LI’s, the costs are 216 Silver for ID and 21 Silver to Decon. Now if you’re like me, I come back from a run on dailies with about 20+ LI’s. That means several Gold costs in that process.

    Combining relics at Tier 1 cost 2 silver. At level 9 cost 984 silver.

    So this can add up quickly. I have had days where I did all 3 MT daily public dungeons as well as all the DA dailies and lost 2-3 gold after selling junk, ID/Decon LI’s and keeping any crafting materials/scrolls. All it took to get in the black however was to simply farm for another 15 minutes or so to get more junk of random mobs and I was quickly ahead. But it is possible to go broke if you are not diligent.

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