The Ninny Hammers Perform – Proud Mary.


Greetings LOTRO Players,

Today I bring to your attention a very special video of our opening number at Winterstock. The finished product looks so easy but we were faced with many difficulties on the day of this performance.

I post the video so all who missed out can enjoy my lyrics (video) as well as see the wonderful audience who joined us on the ice. I also include this number on soundcloud. There are some notable differences and not all are made by LOTRO – some are made by simple free folk error.

It was a fantastic day and I would like to thank all who helped make it special.

Ninny's Winterstock '16

I look forward to returning in 2017!



  1. My folks were visiting this weekend and I happened to catch your performance while I was showing them LOTRO. They immediately recognized the tune. 🙂

    Great playing by all!


  2. Zedrock(k) /

    I’m glad to had a part wit’ that. Excellent set Super Lili’! Thanks to keep me as musicaly friend 😉 Yu’re just one of the best!

  3. This was so good, Lili and the Ninnys! ^^

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