LOTRO Players News Episode 133: Gondorian Rhapsody


This week we talk about the server issues and our week in LOTRO.

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LOTRO Players News

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LOTRO Video Highlights: The End

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The Family Line Part 75

The Ninny Hammers Perform – The Jean Genie

A critters journey part 6





  • Hit 80 on my mini and my warg exploded.



  • Leveled through Moria



  • Minas Tirith hijinx



  • Worked on my Evendim Triathlon.



  • Completed one of my LOTRO goals for 2016 already: Gladden!Teriadwyn is level 100.



  • Reached level 68 with my Brandywine warden and resumed the epic story line. I also finally decided to settle down and purchased my houses. I was surprised that I was able to find the houses I wanted so easily.



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