LOTRO Academy: 114 – LOTRO Goals for 2016


LOTRO Academy: 114 - LOTRO Goals for 2016
In this episode Branick, Mysteri, Pineleaf, Draculetta, and Teriadwyn celebrate the new year with a look back at our LOTRO Goals for 2015 and a look at the year ahead with a brand new set of LOTRO Goals for 2016. Also, Branick announces changes to the show’s format intended to bring the LOTRO Academy podcast back into full swing for the new year! Thanks for listening.


  1. Barnabras /

    Will the live broadcasts be on Mixler?

  2. Yes, we will be broadcasting them on mixlr on the last Friday of the month. I plan to write up a post sometime before-hand with more details. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hello! I really enjoy these Goal episodes, it’s always entertaining. I left goals in a comment last year but can’t find it. I remember I wanted to post more SLA Episodes and I have done.
    This year I wish to challenge Lilikate to:
    A. Get a Skirmisher of Middle Earth Title.
    B. Try and recruit a few more regular members to The Ninny Hammers Band.
    C. Complete all Epic content Up to Minas Tirith but that’s without killing Oli’s.
    D. Cap to 19 all Virtues.
    E. Post/Publish More video/audio content – 24 Episodes in total, and that can be a mixture of creative content ideas.

    Thanks Branick and Company.

  4. I enjoyed the episode, and have set a couple of goals myself:

    A. To kill at least one thing using mounted combat, rather than dismounting.

    B. To play at Weatherstock with the Aleford Band

    C. To be able to find my way round Moria and Angmar

    D. To take part in some of the bigger raids

    Thanks for the podcast, I look forward to the new format.

  5. Zyngor /

    Out of habit, my prior goals (and their sad results), as well as my goals for 2016.
    2015 Goals:

    1) Rune-keeper to 100; Lore-Master & Cappy to 75; Beorning to 50. [Did get RK to 100, the rest NOPE]
    2) Skirmisher of Middle Earth on main hunter. Do it. [Nope. Might have done one or two more encounters, but still have probably 10 left]
    3) If it remains being a thing throughout the year, get at least one piece of essence gear for a character. [Yep! Luckily enough, do have exactly ONE piece of essence gear throughout all my toons. One is good ’nuff for now]
    2016 Goals:

    1) Get at least three characters currently at or under level 20 to level 50. Get at least three of my characters on any server to level 100. Get at least my 6 current capped to level 105, if the timing of the level cap raise permits.
    2) Either get my level 60 Lore-master to 65, OR another current level 14 LM to 30, and not be just crafting them up. My LM antipathy needs to be clobbered a bit.
    3) Get at least one character into a full set of essence slotted armor, if it remains to be the way to gear.
    4) Why not, take three (at least). Skirmisher of Middle Earth on my Landy hunter.

  6. Bellcaunion /

    I gotta say I was ridiculously excited to see Mysteri come back. I’m a huge Myst fan.

    My goal is to play on whichever server with some of the people from Lotro players.


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