LOTRO Players News Episode 132: Middle-earth Makeover


This week we talk about the Update 17.2 beta release notes including the new emote collection panel.

Game News

Server Upgrade Finally Scheduled for January 11th

New Emote Collection Panel – Update 17.2 Beta Release Notes

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LOTRO Players News

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New Player Question

I’ve reached level 100…now what? How do I start gearing up?





  • First time ever… Mrs Karv healed a group in the Great Barrows. — “Why am I trying to rez you? You’re not dead!”
  • Had fun running Iorbar’s Peak as a duo with a Mini and a Beo. That giant was dizzy after chasing Ara’s lil’ Hobbit mini and my bear streaking.
  • I really enjoy streaming with Mrs Karv.  She snuck into the room for the latter parts of the F2P stuff this morning… most things are just more entertaining when she’s involved.  



  • Worked on Top 25 LOTRO Videos OF ALL TIME article



  • Whooshed my Gladden LM to 95 and am having fun running around Middle-earth without worrying about getting killed (Ara, let’s go freepside!!!)
  • Watched Gryfflet try to beat the stuffing out of a dwarf with a beer keg
  • Completed my first Moria crafting instance, 2/3rds with the Academy field trip, 1/3rd with the post field trip remainders



  • Missed an opportunity to get a screenshot of Stabbatha with Murderinbree; Stabbatha transferred to Gladden with some wardrobe shinies.
  • Attempted to lead the field trip through Halls of Crafting, it didn’t go so well.
  • Teriadwyn on Gladden is now playing Middle-earth Tourist!



  • Bingoed and Boffined
  • Got my mini allllmost to lvl 80! My healing practice levels have borne fruit.
  • Mostly ran with friends – Bekah, Karv, Elda, Kathen



  • Pineseed reached level 85 and continued with the epic story line.
  • My Gladden minstrel continued with the Bingo Boffin story and started with Moria story line. During this time I pondered on how some NPCs manage to take pack horses into Moria. Also decided to avoid the warg rider that loves to swim in the Cooling Chamber.
  • Dusted off my Brandywine warden. Reached level 67 and ran Deep-way a few times.


News Beyond LOTRO

A Look at Boromir’s Sword


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  1. Barnabras /

    How about that new server…..Yikes!

  2. Kaleigh Starshine /

    Great show, everyone! 🙂

    For gearing up at level 100, the new crafted gear is very easy to acquire and can cover all armor slots save for cloaks and all jewelry slots save for your pocket item. Many essences sell for less than 1 gold piece on the auction hall, or you can barter for any level 95 purple essence in the skirmish camps for 500 marks apiece.

    A trick for the Dol Amroth Training Exercises is to buy 10 of whatever faction’s exercises you would like to do at the auction hall, along with 5 Tomes of Reputation from the Curiosity vendor in any skirmish camp (300 marks, 30 Medallions total). Once you complete the prerequisite quests and are ready to begin the exercises, you can do them for any faction with whom you have earned Acquaintance standing. They only give you enough reputation for the Library’s exercises to begin with, but you do not even need to do those once as long as you have the same standing with any other faction. The Armoury’s exercises are the quickest, in my opinion, and also can get you morale essences.

    Regarding Burglars…

    The Burglar’s greatest weakness lies in group content, and there are so many reasons for this weakness that, as dramatic as this sounds, it would likely require a complete remaking of the class to fix things. Two of the many reasons for this…

    [i]1. The overall nature of the game has changed drastically since the classes were first conceived[/i]

    Since the game began, we have two entire new systems (Skirmishes and Epic Battles) in which area attacks have virtually no limitations and are extremely useful. Even beyond these, most instances have become area of attack paradises. A Burglar, who is limited almost exclusively to single target damage, crowd control, and debuffing, simply cannot hold their own against the classes that have the ability to affect multiple foes at once.

    [i]2. Burglars lack the overall class flexibility that most classes gained with the trait tree changes[/i]

    Whereas a Champion can use area attacks (for most of the Dome of Stars instance) before switching to single-target attacks (for the Black Blade at the end), and then to a tanking line if an off-tank is needed or a tank cannot be found, all three Burglar lines do the exact same things (single target damage, debuffing, and crowd control) with only a small degree of change between the potency of those things depending on the line.

    I think the need to keep Burglars in balance out in the Ettenmoors has caused issues as well. There almost needs to be a PvMP filter for Burglars once they go out into the Ettenmoors, so they can stay balanced for both sides.

    I would like to see Turbine offer those playing the Burglar class a one-time option to switch to another class while keeping all of their deeds, virtues, and so on in tact. Very, very few play Burglars in PvE end-game content anymore

    • Andang /

      I personally think that devs of any MMO should never balance PvE for PvMP stuff. They should always put PvE at the priority and adjust PvMP accordingly. Classes shouldn’t have to suffer just because of PvMP & PvMP should not be neglected.

  3. The “Public Endgame Space” is a throwback to the Riders of Rohan dailies that loaded you into an instance but could still interact with other players.

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