Poll: Should There be More Cosmetic Options in LOTRO?


A big thanks to Bellcaunion for suggesting this week’s poll!

Should there be more cosmetic options in LOTRO?

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  1. I would love the possibility of dyeing the parts of the clothes you want to dye, not the parts Turbine chooses for you.

  2. Rucagorn of Evernight /

    If mean cosmetic slots I agree, been a while since we have the same and would nice to have more for new gears and so!

  3. More individual faces, please (noses, eyes, eye brows, eye colors, ears, lips, lip colors, cheeks, cheek colors etc.pp.), and more individual physiques, please (haircuts, hair colors, tattoos, leg thickness, musculature, waist, chest, breast, biceps, triceps, calves etc.pp.) … because it’s all 3D anyway, so why are not all body part sizes scalable and stainable etc.? Do it! =) P.S.: Also the jump animation e.g. is still quite antiquated/ clunky/ misshapen/ unsmooth and so on…

    • Yes, THIS, please! I’m so sick of the plastic-looking faces. Can’t we get some pleasant faces? Not everyone in Middle Earth is grim or pissed off 🙂

  4. PhoenixDown /

    Yep it would be sweet to have more options.

  5. Scott /

    We have a wardrobe for clothing. Now that we can equip cosmetic weapons, I’d like an armory just for that.

  6. Cambruin /

    Primary and secondary colours would be awesome. Oh, and the ability to dye shields. But honestly speaking; we’ve the best possible cosmetic system out there, so I’m perfectly fine with what we got 🙂

  7. I’m actually pleased with the cosmetic options over all – but yeah, a two layered coloring system would be fantastic. But if it never happens I’m still very, very pleased with how LOTRO does their cosmetic options.


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