Evernight crowns first sparring tournament champion


1918571_1027192124005052_1096371788666382435_nCrowds gathered at the Hobnanigan Fields north of Bree on Tuesday to watch the first Evernight Sparring Tournament, with Ecthalmir the Champion declared the winner after a day of fierce combat.

The event, organised by Vingorn of the Evernight server, saw six participants chasing the 150 Gold prize that was on offer. Early polling predicted the burglar or warden classes to be the favourites going into the competition.

Competition was close after four rounds of sparring across 12 individual battles, with a tie-breaker being required to determine the winners:

  • 1st: Ecthalmir (Champion)
  • 2nd: Antania (Hunter)
  • 3rd: Kires (Champion)


For a full report from the day, check out the Evernight Server Facebook Group.



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  1. Rucagorn of Evernight /

    Nice initiative, pity wasnt the best time for me, hope more to come!
    Gz to all that participated 🙂

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