LOTRO Players News Episode 130: We Have News?


This week we actually have news!

Game News

3 Remaining Server Transfer Tokens Given To All Players

Raid Instance, Level Increase and More – 2016 Producer’s Letter


Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week December 24th – January 7th

Mithril Coin x5 Use Coupon Code bpZkSPtkLEX2u 2/Account


30 % OFF

  • Legendary Slot Unlock
  • Legacy Tier Upgrades
  • Legacies
  • Scroll of Combination
  • Relic Removal Scroll


TRIPLE Bonus Points Through Jan 4th


December Deals  Dec 24th – 27th

  • 30% off Expansions
  • 40% off Milestone Skills
  • 50% off Morale and Power scrolls


LOTRO Players News

Poll: What Are You Looking Forward to Most From the Producer’s Letter?

Community Events December 25th-31st

LOTRO Video Highlights: The One Jetpack to Rule Them All

Happy holidays from Critters Journey

The Family Line Part 72 – Amathwyn’s Web


New Player Question

I have levelled several alts to level 50 and want to upgrade one of them to 95 with Blessing of the Valar. Which should I upgrade? Captain, Beorning, Warden, Burglar





  • Did 6 LOTRO leveling streams this week
  • Met Gléowine for the first time, again
  • Continued the search for Bingo



  • Made major changes to my UI
  • Managed to complete some feasts (thanks to Karv and Teri)
  • Levelled up a bunch of alts, including skirmish power levelling  (almost 6 levels on my burg thanks to Karv) (I did NOT skirmish responsibly!)



  • Yule festival questing with several characters across three servers.
  • Saryssa the burglar did some more Enedwaith questing, on the Huntsman storyline in the Mournshaws.
  • Skirmished responsibly with Pineleaf! And ran Iorbar’s Peak on the Field Trip.



  • Bingo Boffin & Level Addicts Wednesday! Been doing mostly grouping & healing – high point = Fornost Earth minstreltanking
  • Makin’ easy money 😀
  • Finished Song of Aid deed! Hardest class deed in the game 😛



  • Completed Wildermore on my YouTube Beorning
  • Resumed playing the character I used for the LOTRO Players Adventures; Level 81. I finally learned some applications for the hobbit +2 Hope racial skill. Ran some skirms with Andang.
  • Storm on Methedras



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  1. Kaleigh Starshine /

    If only Vyvyanne and her team were in charge for Helm’s Deep and the aftermath that followed… I think things would have turned out very differently, and the subject of world closures might not have ever needed to come up. What she and her substantially smaller team have been able to accomplish relative to years past is simply amazing 🙂

    Maven, regarding which class to bring to 95, I would strongly caution against the Burglar, particularly if melee classes are not your favorite style of play, for the following reasons:

    1. Burglars lose nearly half of their damage dealing potential when not attacking their foes from behind. This means you will not only need to run up to each and every foe one by one but also maneuver behind them, and stay behind them constantly, to make their strikes count the most.

    2. Burglars are extremely fragile, being the only melee class which can only wear Medium armor and which also does not have tanking lines and potential. Wardens can use shields, and both Beornings and Wardens gain 5 points of Morale for every point of Vitality unlike Burglars who gain only 3.

    3. The battle speed of Burglars in their damaging line (Quiet Knife) requires the fastest speed of play in the game. Burglars use multiple skills per second while also needing to maneuver constantly to stay close enough to their foes to be able to use them.

    4. Burglars have the least amount of area attacks in the game, which is a great detriment in most cases, and no range attacks at all (save for in their Mischief-maker debuffing line, in which damage is the least of your priorities)

    5. Fellowship maneuvers are no longer worthwhile, rendering the Burglar’s most unique contribution to group endeavors obsolete.

    The other three classes are incredibly powerful, and you really cannot go wrong with any of the three. Ranged wardens have far and away the greatest single target damage in the game. Captains can both tank and heal the most difficult instances in game while also making those around them shine. And I think Teriadwyn can tell you all you need to know about Beornings [ down with bears 🙂 ]

    • Barnabras /

      Come back to the Moors Kaleigh! I love it when solo burgs jump me!!!

  2. Amenhir /

    Mounted combat option, sure. Make it a requirement would be bad. Mounted combat is terrible.

  3. Flosiin /

    Mavin, I would recommend bringing a captain to level 95. My main is a captain and I think a lot of groups like having captains. And it’s super cool when everyone in the group does a lot better just by our passive buffs! Everything else we do is like icing on the cake.

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